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What The Heck Is This Coating On My Lettuce? | Plastic Coating On Organic Romaine

I recently viewed this video on YouTube (see video below mine) of a lady peeling some "residue" off her lettuce. 

 My first thoughts were that it was probably because it was not certified organic...but I was wrong.

What the heck is going on with our food?  
What the heck is on my "organic" lettuce?

While this is simply the epidermal layer that has become dry, often due to variety and maybe more than just a frosty climate since we have a cold damp climate here in NL, maybe it is more likely due to a dry frost...who knows.  But keep growing your own food organically because it's the only way you can ever be 100% sure.  Just check out this blog post with references explaining how it could possibly be any number of approved coatings including animal by-products...yuck!

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