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Eating Organic On A Budget | 16 Serving From 1 Chicken | The Frugal Chicken

1 Organic Chicken, 5 Recipes, 16 Servings
Only $2.14 a serving - All Organic!

In this video:
2 large plates of cooked dinner (Turnip, carrot, cabbage, turnip tops, potatoes, gravy & chicken)
2 large servings of hash cakes (3 per plate) with chicken & gravy
2 hearty chicken sandwiches
2 lage plates of roasted fries, coleslaw, peas and gravy with chicken (mayo recipe included)
8 bowls of chicken noodle soup

What you will need:
1 small organic chicken $16.00
8 organic potatoes - $2.50
9 organic carrots - $2.00
1 small organic turnip with tops- $2.50
1 organic cabbage - $3.50
4 Slices of organic Ezekiel bread - $0.65
2 leaves of organic lettuce - $0.20
2 slices of organic tomato - $0.25
4 stalks organic celery - $0.75
4 cloves organic garlic - $0.50
1 cup organic frozen green peas $1.50
1/2 package (or 4 oz) organic pasta $1.50
1 organic egg $0.42
Organic oil, vinegar, mustard & spices $2.00

Recipe 1:  Roast chicken dinner (2 servings with leftovers)

1 small organic turnip peeled & sliced into 3/4" slices
1 bunch organic turnip tops washed
6 large peeled organic potatoes
4 organic carrots peeled
1/2 cabbage cut in 1/4's
Place all veggies in a dutch oven (or similar size) pot, cover with water and simmer on medium heat until soft (about 1/2 hour)

Thaw and wash the chicken, place in a roasting pan with 1/2 chopped organic onion, 
Rub into the skin: 2 minced cloves of garlic, cracked black pepper, dried oregano & 1 tsp sesame seeds

Roast on 350 for 45mins - 1 hr until juices run clear when a fork is inserted between the body & drum.

Remove chicken from roaster and place roaster with drippings on stove top, pour in all water from veggies and scrap all the drippings from the pan.
Add Celtic salt, pepper & oregano to taste and thicken with your preferred thickener (flour, corn starch, kudzu).

Recipe 2: Hash Cakes (2 Servings)
Re-heat leftover gravy
Mash all leftover veggies together, with an ice cream scoop shape the mashed veggies into patties and 
place over medium-high heat in a saute pan pre-heated with 3 tbs olive oil.  Serve with chicken & gravy.

Recipe 3: Sandwiches  (2 Servings)
4 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread
2 lettuce leaves
2 slices tomato
Finely sliced onion
Honey & Mustard

Recipe 4: Fries, Gravy & Coleslaw  (2 Servings with leftover coleslaw)

Reheat Gravy
Warm some frozen peas

Oven fries:
Wash a cut into french fry shape 2 large potatoes.
Place on a safe baking pan and cover with 2 tbs of organic olive oil.
Rub 4 tbs of spice blend on oiled potatoes (see below) and bake on 400 for 17 minutes + 2 mins on broil before removing.

1 organic egg yolk
1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup organic sunflower oil
1 tbs organic cane sugar or raw organic honey (optional)
1/2 tsp yellow organic mustard
1/4 tsp each of organic onion and cayenne powder 

Put organic egg yolk in a blender and start blending on high speed.
Slowly drizzle in organic apple cider vinegar. Slowly add 1/4 cup of organic sunflower oil (use a little more if not thick enough) once a thick mayonnaise consistency turn off the blender and add the cane sugar(or honey), spices and salt.  Blend until smooth

Everything Spice:
In a large mason jar place
1 cup of organic sesame seeds
1/4 cup each of organic cayenne, onion flakes, garlic granules  and oregano
add 1/8 cup each of organic chili powder and turmeric
add 1/16cup each of organic cracked black pepper, celery seeds and Celtic salt

Grate 1/2 head of organic cabbage, 1/2 organic medium onion, 2 large carrots.
Mix in 2 tbs of vinegar and 1.5 tbs of honey, a pinch of celtic salt and pepper.
Stir in 1/4 cup mayo.

Serve with chicken

Recipe 5: Chicken noodle Soup (8 bowls)

For the broth, Place chicken bones, skin & any meat in a pot with enough water to cover, simmer on low for at least 1 hour...preferably 3 (the longer the richer the broth.
Strain through a wire strainer over a large glass bowl or another pot.  Place broth and any remaining good chicken (picked from the strained carcass) back on simmer.

Top up the pot to 3/4 full with water (aprox 9 cups total)

Add 4 oz of pasta or rice/wild rice

2 cloves of chopped garlic
1/4 chopped organic onion
4 stalks of organic celery chopped
2 large organic carrots chopped
1tsp parsley
1 tbs sea salt
1 tbs everything spice
1/4 tbp each of organic pepper, thyme, turmeric, sage, cayenne(optional)

Saute in olive oil until tender, add 1 cup water and add to soup pot.

Let simmer at least 30 minutes (1.5 hours if rice is used).

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