Learning To Knit & Crochet | My First 3 Projects

I've always admired hand knit and crochet items.

I decided it was time to try my had at working with some organic yarn.
Here are my "practice" creations:


  1. Very pretty projects & a great job as you're beginning; don't blame you for not 'frogging' it just for a few unnoticeable flaws. I'm still a newbie at yarn crafts, except hairpin lace -- learned that in 1970. When I got bored w/the pegged looms, I followed 3 youtube videos: as a 1st time beginner I started w/ BethInTx1 's "Basics" tutorials (IMO, the B-E-S-T!); then watched BobWilson123, & Mikey'sSMail or AllFreeCrochet for some very simple projects & excellent tutorials. I'm still on crochet & loom knitting. I'm not yet brave enough to try knitting w/needles!


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