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Why Buy Organic Clothing

We all know that many synthetic fibers can irritate our skin 

but did you know that a natural cotton t-shirt which is conventionally grown can sprayed with almost 1/3 of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides?  Yet if you read how toxic some of these pesticide can be, it is recommended if an applicator gets these pesticides on his clothing that clothing should be discarded...but they are spraying it directly on the cotton used to make clothes!... Doesn't make a lot of sense.

You might be appalled to realize that the chemicals needed to grow "natural" cotton is contributing to the damage agri-chemicals cause to people, wildlife, and the environment.

If that's not enough, most clothing is dyed with toxic dyes, many containing heavy metals and treated with synthetic washes and "finishes" including numerous toxic chemicals which are added at each stage; silicone waxes, harsh petroleum scours, fabric softeners, "sizing" chemicals, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde, to name just a few.  These chemicals are almost impossible to entirely wash out!

Just wearing clothing with all of these synthetic treatment can cause skin irritations and many can even absorb into your bloodstream. 

There is an alternative - Go organic!

Pakucho Color-Grown Cotton from Peru

Organic clothing may be more expensive but it tends to last longer.  The absolute best you can buy is clothing made from unbleached, undyed, colorgrown organic cotton, hemp, linen, kapok, rammie, alpaca, wool, silk and nettle fiber.

Next best options are organic clothings which are unbleached and use completely natural dyes.

If you can't find that then go for organic clothing with low-impact dyes but be sure to launder your clothes well before wearing.

If you must buy conventionally grown cotton clothing then to minimize your risk of exposure to the chemicals used to grow, dye & process the fabric, be sure to launder your clothes with baking soda, pure organic castile soap and some vinegar in the rinse cycle...If there is any dye leaching from the fabric, launder until no dye remains.  Hanging it inside out on a line in the rain or snow also helps "detox" clothing items.  For me this can sometime take weeks or months.

You can often find deals on organic & natural fiber clothing and linens if you shop around.  Safer for you, the planet and the people!

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