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Do You Care About What Others Think?

This little video has been going around on Facebook
the main comments are how funny it is and how much energy this guy has
but do you want to know what I noticed?

For everyone out there who worries about what others think of you, for those who are afraid of making fools of themselves, for those having a bad hair day or for those who feel down about their appearance in any way...take notice...

For several years I had to wear a mask in public places, many others like me, asked how do I do it and do people look at me strange , but I had taken notice early on...

 If you worry about what others think of you...stop....and take notice...

Did you notice that even with this guy's extreme behavior most people walked by unphased, not noticing him at all.  Most people have their own worries, their own thoughts, their own daily tasks and take very little notice to others around them.  So stop worrying about what others think, be yourself, go out, have a good time, stop worrying, stop fretting and do whatever you have to do to get by...because in all likelihood the only one noticing you is you.

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