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Hem Pants Without A Machine | No Cut Method Included

All that's needed is a needle, thread and an iron.
It's easy to hem pants by hand at home, 
this is great for kids because it can be undone as they grow.

Step 1 - Fold to desired length

Step 2 - fold back down at half-way mark

 Step 3 - sew the layers together

While I prefer Organic cotton, many organic cotton denim jeans still contain spandex. The only 100% cotton Jeans I could find that didn't cost an arm & a leg were at Old Navy but were way way too long.

I think they are discontinuing these 100% cotton jeans....Will someone make reasonably priced low rise organic cotton or hemp indigo dyed jeans???

Anyway, I washed these several times and aired them out on the line then tossed them in the dryer to shrink them as much as possible and then did the hemming:

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