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The Imoshion Commotion | No resolution | Buyer Beware

After a long drawn out ordeal over the faulty bag I purchased by Imoshion, I guess I loose.  

This company didn't even bother to come to a conclusion with the BBB.

(please read first)

Misty rain caused the bag to leach purple dye from the lining and the print faded.

And here is what manifested during my process with the BBB...

Just prior to my BBB complaint, Imoshion decided to send me an email 
in response to my email to them:

Colorful Canary to info, devan, bobby Sep 27
Why are you responding with false information on your Facebook page? If you sent replacement bags twice then please send me the confirmation as you claim to have (stated on Facebook) or the tracking numbers.
You have never emailed me letting me know that anything was sent and with this runaround I have been given since May, I doubt I trust anything you claim.
I expect the confirmation and/or tracking numbers by noon EST today.
Their response: to me Sep 27

I hope you feel differently about us as a company. We did our best to assist you !

Devan Critchlow
Public Relations
Imoshion USA

This all looked good, perhaps I was wrong and it got lost in the mail??? Well, first of all this number is NOT a tracking number it is a customs declaration number and secondly, nothing in this declaration number shows me the items were sent to my Newfoundland, Canada I responded:

Colorful Canary to Devan  Sep 27

I'm sorry Devan, but after 5 months of the run around your company has given me, I have placed a claim with the BBB and posted my blog.

Please advise what date each of the two replacement bags were sent, along with the corresponding tracking numbers and the shipping agent (UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL).

This declaration you sent below was not only for this month (I've been dealing with your company since May), it is for 1 shipment (Didn't you say you sent two replacements?) and most importantly, has the following information attached and has nothing to do with my Canadian address which was sent to you on NUMEROUS occasions:

Priority Mail International Parcels
Incorrect Address - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today
September 21, 2011, 8:19 am
International Parcels
Processed Through Sort Facility
September 21, 2011, 8:18 am
Processed Through Sort Facility
September 17, 2011, 1:31 am
Arrived at Sort Facility
September 17, 2011, 1:30 am
Electronic Shipping Info Received
September 14, 2011

Only makes me feel like this company is even more incompetent.


I filed the complaint with the BBB and Imoshion did not bother to try and resolve the issue:

Complaint Details

Imoshion USA
1388 Newton Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (213) -74-7-4840

Squires, Judie

Thank you for letting us know that you are dissatisfied with the company's response to your complaint. Although we forwarded your comments to the company, they have not responded further or their response failed to address your concerns. We are, therefore, unable to pursue this matter further and are closing our file.  Your complaint will remain in our files and will become part of the information we issue to the public about this company.  Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau. Please contact us if we can assist you in the future.

Complaint ID: 98641091
Complaint Classification:
Complaint Description - Posted 9/28/2011 1:51:27 PM

To make a long.....long (5 months long) story short, I ordered an Imoshion bag and during the first use I was caught in the rain (very common thing that can happen) and the bag leaked purple dye from a lining in the back pocket after becoming damp. I have been emailing with Imoshion for 5 months and they did not resolve the issue, never answered my questions, lied on their Facebook page and then blocked me from their Facebook page and never resolved the issue of the faulty bag. Entire issue including all emails can be found here:

Complaint Summary
Company is refusing to replace bag.
Resolution Sought
I am requesting a replacement bag without the faulty purple lining - requesting another style as promised (Desiree in Grey (SKU #: 7572B)). I would like shipping confirmation and a tracking number to be sent as soon as the replacement item has been shipped.

Additional Information
Date Problem First Occurred: 5/2/2011
Product or Service: Model Name or Number: 7543
Date Purchased: 3/30/2011
Order Number:
Amount In Dispute: $0.00

Company's Response
Company's Initial Response - Posted 10/13/2011
Company called stated that consumer did purchase the bag directly from them. Consumer purchased the bag from which she clearly stated she did on her blog which will be sent to the BBB. The issue is that the consumer waited to long to contact the company she purchased the bag from. Consumer called Imoshion and they agreed to send her 2 bags. Consumer has been harassing them on FB and Twitter as well as on her blog.
Initial Response Summary
Consumer did not purchase bag from them directly.

Consumer's Rebuttal
Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 10/14/2011
I have not in any way harassed this company...all correspondence has been posted on my blog. I did indeed purchase the bag from a retailer and when the bag arrived and was faulty I contacted Imoshion (the manufacturer) to ask if all bags had the same purple lining which leaks dye (I never asked them for a replacement bag - they offered.) Since Imoshion immediately offered a replacement (but never answered my initial questions) I felt there was no need to go to the retailer. The replacement bag never arrived and I contacted Imoshion several times. After Imoshion admitted not sending the replacement (three months after they said they would which is all well documented on my blog) It was much to late for me to contact the retailer. Imoshion never sent any replacement bags, after 5 months and no responses from them I contacted them from their Facebook page and was told (only on the public forum) they had sent two bags and essentially made me out to be some sort of terrible customer...I simply asked for proof that two bags were sent by providing me with a tracking number and they banned me from their Facebook Page.

Company's Final Response
Company's Final Response - None Posted

So that's it folks...I can't even blog the words running through my head....nuf said.

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