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Restaurant in St. John's Newfoundland Now Offering Organic Meals

So excited...For those here in St. John's pass this along, 

The Rooms Cafe is the first restaurant to now offer complete organic meals. 
All ingredients on their new organics menu are certified organic or wild.
Even all seasonings and oils are organic. 

Here's the organic menu: 

Roma Tomato Bisque - $7
Curry oil popcorn

Spinach & Toasted Quinoa Salad - $10
Slivered apple, dried blueberries & candied cashews with sweet balsamic vinaigrette

Wild Atlantic Cod - $16
Marinated in miso & white wine
Green tea infused rice & sauteed baby spinach

Chicken Cassoulet - $15
Adzuki beans & brown lentils with herbed biscuit

Spaghetti with Meatball - $17
Rustic tomato sauce with cheddar shavings

Ginger Cake - $8
Vanilla yoghurt

Jumping Bean Coffee - $1.75

Earl Grey Tea - $2

Green Tea - $2

Orange Juice - $2.25

Apple Juice - $2.25

Lemonade - $2.25

Soda - $2.25

Mill St. Lager - $5.75

Winds of Change Chardonnay (SA) - $7.75

Winds of Change Shiraz (SA) - $7.75

The Rooms Cafe
9 Bonaventure Ave, St. John's
Call Angela at: 709-757-8014 or 709-757-8097

Anyone want to take me out to dinner?  ;-)


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