Wonderful Wellies | Rubber Boot Review | Vintage Boots

In this vlog are a vintage pair of Czechoslovakian wellies, 
Joe rubbers from Loblaws and my initial thoughts about the two pairs of Superlites from Muck Boots Outlet ...what a combo of super-cool waterproof boots!

Also a special appearance and opening act from Rooey and MC :)

 Vintage rubber boots made in "Czechoslovakia" 1970's

I will further review the Superlites when I wear them the winter.
They look like they will be fab in our snowy weather....so stay tuned.


  1. Great reviews - thanks! I am searching and searching for winter boots, that are waterproof, lined with a thicker lining for warmth - NOT just at the top and outside, but inside as well where the foot sinks in, - also that have an easy way to get on/off without having to sit and are flexible in the foot movement and ankle (not stiff or pinchy). Most reviews don't show DEEP inside the boot - so this is helpful.


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