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Organic Quiche Recipe | Freezer Meals

There's nothing better than having a quick healthy meal available to pop in the oven after a nice crisp fall hike or after a busy day.  

There's no need to reach for a can of soup or a junky 
store-bought frozen dinner if you plan ahead.

Many meals you can make yourself can be frozen for a quick warm-up at a later date.  
Take a boring rainy Sunday afternoon and whip up some freezer treats.

A few of my past recipes which I regularly freeze up in portion sizes and thaw perfectly in the oven without the need for a microwave are:

(Great for kids lunches and snacks!)
(I freeze chinese in small individual containers each 
containing a scoop of rice, scoop of stir-fry and 3 or 4 chicken flats)

And all soup and stew freezes great.

I also love to freeze Quiche.  The key to freezing quiche is to not bake it entirely as you don't want the crust to over-brown when you bake it a second time.  Also you should take it out of the freezer and thaw in the fridge a few hours before reheating but if you don't have time you can just pop them in a pre-heated oven.

For my freezer quiches I like to use the same pastry recipe as my apple pie, you can use a favorite crust recipe or a gluten-free one for those with sensitivities.

I like to change up the fillings to what's fresh and seasonal.

For these I made two flavors one is a garden greens with onion & mushrooms and the other was a spicy salsa quiche.

For each 9" uncooked pie crust you will need to beat together:

5 organic eggs
4 ounces of organic cheese (optional)
1 cup of organic milk or organic rice milk
1 cup organic sliced mushrooms
1 cups of organic mixed vegetable (Garden greens: Onion, chinese cabbage, spinach - Spicy Salsa: salsa, tomatoes, peppers)
Organic spices & herbs to taste

Pour into the uncooked crusts and bake on 350 for about 30 minutes or until crust is just lightly golden and the egg is firm.

You can make several at once including mini's for snacks.  Let them completely cool before sliding them (pan and all) into a freezer bag then freeze away :)

After thawing and re-heating on 350 for 20 minutes

Enjoy a quick healthy meal any time with your own home made freezer meals!

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