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DIY Bathroom Renovation | Tile Removal | How to Install A 3pc Aspen Tub/Shower Unit

We are doing a full bathroom reno in the basement.  
This is the first time we have taken on this sort of task without any help.
No plumbers, no masons...just us.

Here are the first three video's Zuki did showing different aspects of a bathroom reno.  

Removing ceramic tile from a concrete floor:

2 parts - 2 days installing a 3 piece tub unit:

For those that are sensitive, be aware that these tub units come embedded to a sheet of aspenite type chipboard.  Prior to bringing it inside our house we used poly sheet and tuck tape to seal the entire sheet of chipboard to the tub to prevent any out-gassing of synthetic toxins in the chipboard...I wish the manufacturers would find a safer material.

Another tip: Be sure to investigate your pex.  The guy at the hardware store sent zuki home with "superpex" and assured him it was polyethylene and NOT PVC.  However, When I checked the manufacturers website SuperPex is CPVC (chlorinate Poly Vinyl chloride) even worse for toxins.  Copper or pex is all we have available and because Zuki did not want to get into soldering the copper we went with polyethylene pex and pressure fittings.  Also, note that if you use copper, be sure to request lead-free solder.

So far, so good. :)

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