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Radiant Goddess Organic Skincare Review

The Radiant Goddess offers handcrafted all natural 
organic skincare products.  

They believe any lotion, cream, cleanser or mister should use the best food grade natural and organic ingredients available.  "We believe if you can't eat it; don't put it on your skin."

They are so confident in their products that they 100% guarantee everything they make with a 30 day no-hassle return policy.

They sent me several of their products to try for myself and since I was extremely pleased with the ingredients and the glass packaging I was very excited to try their line.

It was packaged very well and to no fault of the Radiant Goddess, one of the products had been broken thanks to the crappy service of Canada post who must hire ex-football players to deliver the mail...But that rant is for another time.

I did manage to salvage some of the cream and put it in one of my own cobalt glass jars.

First I tried the Rose Cleanser:

This is a thick creamy cleanser.  I am extremely cautious of what I use on my face so I tried this one out in the tub to gently cleanse the dry sunburn I had on my shoulders and it worked wonderfully to cleanse and moisturize sunburned skin.  If I give it a try on may face later I will post an update.

Next I tried was the Rose Mister:

This food grade completely organic mister has a soft fresh scent and is not only a very nice refreshing facial spray I find it works nicely as an aftershave underarm deodorant.  It is soothing, cooling and smells light & fresh.

I had to re-bottle what I could salvage from the Rose Face Cream that's why the texture looks a little odd and messy in the photograph:

I wasn't going to review this because it may not be an accurate description due to the damage and some seeping of the oils out of the jar but it smelled so wonderful, I decided to try what I could as a hand moisturizer just to be cautious of any possible bits of glass (the jar did not shatter it was just cracked in half).

This feels to be a heavy balmy moisturizer with soothing and smoothing properties, it makes my cuticles extremely soft and lessens visible wrinkles on the back of my hands.  I think it would make a very nice night cream for dehydrated skin and would also work well as an eye cream.

Thirdly, I gave this unique product a try:  I love the packaging of their Lip Schmutz:

This lightly citrus-y scented balm is in a fantastic tube which can easily hang from a key chain for a dab of moisturizer anywhere you go.

While it may be called "Lip" Schmutz...This is a wonderful multipurpose stick.  I have tried it as an eye cream, cuticle balm, for dry spots and chapped skin... oh and on my lips of course ;) and it works well in all dry skin situations...I'm almost through one tube already.

Lastly I have 3 of their wonderful completely organic soaps to try:

These are hefty generous-size blocks of soap which should last a very long time.  I cut my favorite one into 4 pieces and I'm still not through the 1st quarter yet over a month later.

I have a slight sensitivity to chamomile so this beautiful bar will be gifted to a lucky friend or family member.

The clove soap is going to my husband Zuki, I will be keeping 1/4 on hand in case anyone gets any fungal issues as this would be a great soap for that with the clove and cinnamon oils.  The clove soap has a wonderful warm masculine scent great for anyone who loves a bit of spice.

And my favorite is the Breakfast Bar...Yummy!  This delicious soap has soothing oatmeal and invigorating antioxidant rich coffee with a warm touch of vanilla.  This soap is just dreamy for anyone to try.

The Radiant Goddess has several other handmade organic products to choose from including serums, acne treatments, nursing products and they also offer custom blends to suit you skin type/condition or for special gifts and celebrations.

Their products will have you feeling like an organic nature goddess in no time.  Check them out and if you can try only 1 item I highly recommend the Breakfast Bar Soap!

*This company provided me with a free sample of this product to review, I was under no obligation to write a review nor was I paid for my opinion. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

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