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Creamy Kamut Pasta Salad Recipe

Here's a simple & delicious meal:

Pasta Salad:

Cook 4 cups of your favorite organic pasta (thin noodles are best - Kamut Pasta pictured)
To cooled pasta add:
2 tbp organic olive oil
1 TBS organic ACV (apple cider vinegar)
1 TBS raw Honey

In food processor chop:
1/2 organic sweet pepper
1 stalk organic celery
4 organic spring onions (green onions)
1 hot organic chili pepper (2 if your brave)
1 small organic dill pickle

Cut organic grape tomatoes in quarters

Stir all the above in to pasta top with fresh parsley and refrigerate.


1 grass fed organic chicken breast butterflied
2 tbs olive oil
Celtic salt
Garlic Gold Nuggets (Italian Herb)

Saute the chicken breast in olive oil until cooked, remove from heat and top with garlic gold.

Serve with organic garbanzo beans.

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