Make Your Own Organic Toothpaste | Toothpaste Recipe

Making your own toothpaste is easy.  

With a few simple organic ingredients you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

For the Stevia-sweetened recipe click here.
1 person 1 week supply:

1/2 tsp Aluminum-free baking soda
4 drops Organic essential oil (spearmint, clove, cinnamon, anise) or 1/2 tsp of any organic powdered herbs or blend of herbs of your choice - See herbs for teeth below)
1/2 tsp Organic raw honey or organic stevia powder
10 BioXII Cell salts

Herbs for teeth:

Cloves - Relieves sore gums and toothaches, deodorizing, anesthetic
Licorice - Antiviral, antibacterial, helps eliminate plaque, deodorizing
Thyme - Antiseptic, antifungal, prevents tooth decay
Coriander - Treats mouth ulcers, soothing
Horsetail - Good source of silica which helps teeth, bones, gums & connective tissues
Sage - Extremely good for many teeth and gum issues
Mints - Deodorizing, toning
Goldenseal - Helps heal sore gums and mouth ulcers
Cinnamon - Deoderizing, antiviral, antifungal, and slightly anesthetic
Myrrh - Has been used to cure mouth infections and maintain good dental health
Green Tea Powder - Contains natural fluoride
Cranberry Powder -  improves oral hygiene, inhibits bacterial growth, reduces plaque
Salvadora persica - Read more

The best coconut oil can be purchased at Tropical Traditions, Cell Salts are available through (as is other organic coconut oils & organic honey) Organic essential oils, stevia and herbs are all available through Mountain Rose Herbs.

The material contained here is not intended in any way to replace proper medical supervision or advise. All decisions which may impact your health should be discussed with your physician.


  1. Can you tell us what each ingredient is use for, cause it is "known" toothpaste are homemade from soda, glycerin, oil and salt? Thank you.

  2. You can add salt if you like. Glycerin is bad in toothpaste because as I mentioned in the video it sticks to your teeth and prevents remineralization. There is baking soda and oil (coconut oil) in this recipe, they clean the teeth. Oil removes grime and baking soda acts as a mild abrasive to remove stains and freshens breath.

  3. Thanks. Can you tell me why are you using honey or stevia powder? Does any oil work? Cause i already bought coconut oil (organic, refined - thats the best i found in my neighborhood in Serbia). For future videos maybe you can give a transcript - just a thought.

  4. You only need the coconut oil & baking soda, the stevia/honey are just to make it taste more like toothpaste. Coconut oil stays more solid, is lubricating & has anti-bacterial properties. You could use sesame oil or perhaps sunflower but do not use olive oil as it is a sticky oil. Coconut is best. :)

  5. Thanks. Hm, i made it without essential oil, i couldnt find it. Used refined sea salt, backing soda, coconut oil and honey. Oil lost its solidness, it melted away, it didnt look like a paste anymore. And the made paste tasted awful. It didnt felt I was brushing my teeth. Seems the essential oil is really needed, right?

  6. You don't need salt with the baking soda...salt will make it taste worse. Essential oils are to make it taste like toothpaste-yes. And the unrefined coconut oil will stay pastier and less liquid although you will need to store it in a cool place. Oil actually cleans better than glycerin based tooth pastes...try rubbing coconut oil on a label stuck to a jar - you will see that oil removes gunk whereas glycerin leaves a sticky film as it does on your teeth. Tropical Traditions & Herbal Choice Mari sell organic toothpaste as well. :)

  7. Ok, i thought i use sea salt, cause you use those salt tablets and backing soda, the 2 ingredients i saw in other recipes too. I will not use salt next time. How then your salt tablets and soda doesnt taste bad together. I was informed salt is there to kill bacterias. Will other ingredient do that instead (coconut oil or backing soda)?

  8. Cell salts are not sodium they are a homeopathic remedy containing 12 "tissue salts" required for our bodies..They are chalky and taste faintly sweet with little flavor. Coconut oil kills bacteria just fine as does mint essential oil. :)

  9. I was thinking about sea salt, not soda being the replacement for your salt. Anyway, i tried without salt and it was less smelly, but enough to make me not wonna brush with it again. You say your coco oil taste great, well mine is refined organic and it says on the label - no taste , no smell. And i tasted it, it barely has a taste thats magnified in my toothpaste. Maybe my honey isnt good quality, should i lose that now? Thanks.

  10. Unrefined coconut oil is much thicker and tastes like coconuts...It's best if you can find this or perhaps purchase this coconut oil or even their pre-made toothpaste at Tropical Traditions. :)

  11. Maybe it's a good idea with bottle dispenser shampoo head if there are no toothpaste tube?

  12. Thank you for give us the tips for making our own organic toothpaste. I can try to make it.

  13. Probiotics, raspberry leaf and yogurt improve gum health, prevent plaque stains from bacteria and help with keeping canker sores at bay

  14. Thanks for the great idea colorful canary, this can come in very useful in the future and probably save a good few pennies! Great post.


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