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There are many options when searching 
for a quality water bottle. 

Plastics may be convenient but even BPA-free plastic is ...well - Still plastic.  Heat from the sun can cause who-knows-what to leach into your drinking water from a plastic bottle.  One year while on a road trip, Zuki had a plastic bottle of water sitting in the cup holder of the car all day, after taking a few mouthfuls he became very ill and it was at this point we never drank water from plastic again.

Stainless is a good option but I find if water is sitting in it long enough, it leaves a metallic taste on the water.  All stainless steel is not without it's problems either, some stainless steel, depending on the grade, can leach iron, chromium, nickel, manganese and possibly other alloys.  While still much safer than plastic, some grades of stainless can leave a metallic taste behind, indicating metals leaching into your water.  Here's a great article explaining stainless steel grades and possible leaching.

Quality glass is by far the safest for carrying your drinking water.  Glass can break so finding a good quality glass bottle with some sort of protection against breaking is essential.  I started searching for the perfect glass bottle and found Bottles-Up Glass.

These artisan glass water bottles are not only a safe choice for carrying your filtered water, these beautiful glass bottles lovingly designed by Laurel Herter are also stunning pieces of art.  Check out the video of how their bottles are made.

Here is the one I was sent for review:

I love this bottle, while it's a bit large and heavy for taking in your hand on a walk, it's perfect for taking in your vehicle without having to worry about the heat of the sun causing anything to leach.  It also fits into a water bottle holder on a bike and should work fine if you are carrying it in your backpack.

This would be a fantastic back-to-school gift for any university or high-school student.

The 22 ounce Glass bottle is protected by 4 colorful rings of surgical grade silicone along with a matching cap.  You can purchase the rings in 4 different colors and they are interchangeable so for a truly unique bottle you can mix and match your own colors.

If you're looking for a great safe glass water bottle then check out Bottles Up Glass.  They also offer custom orders for businesses with your logo, monograms and more.

*This company provided me with a free sample of this product to review, I was under no obligation to write a review nor was I paid for my opinion. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.


  1. I don't doubt that metals leach from these stainless steel containers - I use them and yeah there's the taste of iron after a while.

    However, just to make the stainless steel owners feel slightly better, if you use municipal tap water (filtered with a Brita or some similar type), chromium at least probably won't leach since municipal water is normally buffered with lime to retain a pH as close to or slightly above 7.0, so it says that chromium (Cr) doesn't leach at this level.

    Chromium has a positive biological function in very low quantities (trace), so if municipal water is used, I don't know if enough Cr would leach from the bottle to be harmful - although it is very toxic at higher doses, and nickel is at a much higher dose, as is iron at an extremely high dose. I'm sure there is iron coming out of those stainless steel bottles though - you can taste it. You can taste copper too from the mouth part. The copper is there to prevent disease, as it is antimicrobial.

    All the same, if your water is slightly below a pH of 7 (ie well water) and you are worried about Cr leaching, then definitely get the glass... it's made out of inert sand, water tastes way better out of glass :)

  2. I agree...I use stainless as well, certainly better than any plastic but I'm not fussy on the metallic taste if water sits too long, definitely tastes best in glass :)

  3. I love this water bottle.Lovely design.It is perfect for carrying filtered water.Thanks for sharing nice post.

  4. Hello, I happened to come along your blog. I think you may have missed out an important part - no products are made in China. The glass is made in North America (Mexico) and the silicone is made in the Northeast.

  5. Glass is better than any other material to store and drink water or any other potable liquid.

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