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My Mamas Love | Organic Skincare Review

My Mama's Love was created when Leslie McCann 
couldn't find any products to help cure her daughter's 
sensitive skin problems.

She began looking for natural, proven remedies and healed her daughter's condition then decided to share her gentle creations with others.

Her simply yet beautifully packaged product line is completely natural, organic, gentle and affordable.

I was given the opportunity to try four of her products:

I was just out in the garden and got bit by a mosquito on the back of my hand...I usually swell and itch terribly, as I sit here and type this review I have the Kiss My Boo-Boo on my hand and there is no itch to the bite.

Kiss My Boo-Boo is a twist-up salve for scrapes, cuts, scratches, bug bites, dry skin and more. Apply to any skin in need of extra healing help.

This generous size salve retails for only $8.00!

It's a soft balmy salve in a very convenient twist-up applicator.  I can't say I love the scent, it's slightly medicinal but not at all over-powering or bothersome and is 100% organic.

Wonderfully healing ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic goldenseal, organic licorice and organic myrrh.

Next I tried the Fix-My-Lipz Peppermint Balm which retails for $5.00

I Love this one..It very much reminds me of my all-time favorite Dr. Bronner's peppermint tattoo balm and I love the nice tin.  These balms come in three varieties (Peppermint, Orange & Vanilla Mint).

Peppermint Ingredients: Organic, extra-virgin olive oil; bees wax; organic peppermint oil; organic licorice; and organic myrrh.

I also tried the Complete Skin Ailment Curative which comes in 4 different sizes ranging from $3.00 for the tin (shown below) to $19.50 for a large 4oz glass jar. 

This stuff is fantastic.  It also smells faintly herbal-y much like the stick but is a little thicker and very soothing.  I tried it on my tired feet and it even softened the few calluses I have.  It can be used on everything from eczema, diaper rash, yeast rash, safe enough for nipple thrush & jock itch, cradle cap, psoriasis, dry skin, bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns, keratosis pilaris and dermatitis.

Ingredients: Organic, extra-virgin olive oil; beeswax; organic licorice; and organic myrrh.

This is a must-have for the medicine chest.  The entirely organic ingredients should even be safe enough for most pets.  I am keeping the small tin for the chickies in case they get any scrapes or dryness on their combs and feet.

Another fantastic line of products and I love the great names!  you should also check out their other products such as Slap Me Sexy, Acne Attack, Mama Nose Best, Sore Loser and other great stuff! Now I wonder will she come up with a chicken salve maybe call it cock-a-doodle-do? :D

Visit their site and stock up your medicine cabinet with all of these great affordable, soothing organic remedies!  I honestly don't know if I can even make them myself for those prices!

Thanks Leslie for letting me try your fantastic products.  

*This company provided me with a free sample of this product to review, I was under no obligation to write a review nor was I paid for my opinion. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

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