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Garlic Gold Review | Monster Salad Recipe

Last night I made the best tasting freshest 
monster-sized organic salad.  
No portion control here :)

There was no real recipe, just what was fresh from the garden along with some chicken (I'll tell you how I cooked it), chick peas and it was topped off with Garlic Gold...Yummy!

Before I get to the salad recipe I have to tell you about Garlic Gold Nuggets.  This stuff is absolutely delicious!

I buy lots of garlic products everything from fresh organic garlic to garlic powder, minced garlic and garlic flakes...Let me tell you, this is not like any of those.  Garlic Gold is not so much a cooking garlic but a super light and crunchy popped style garlic with so much flavor!

I started eating this right out of my sort of has the texture of crispy rice cereal, on this salad the Parmesan Nuggets were a fabulous replacement for bacon bits...And much healthier, even healthier than those organic soy faux bacon bits.

They sent me three additional sample flavors to try:

These toppings are out of this world!  If they were bigger I would just eat them like potato chips!  The Italian Herb actually tastes like roast chicken chips...strange but true.

I can't wait to try these on everything!...That's if I don't end up just eating them out of the

They are not strong and "garlicky" like garlic flakes, they have a garlic flavor of course - since they are garlic, but more of a mild crispy roasted garlic flavor. And they are entirely organic!

Check them out, this topping made all the difference in this garden salad!  If you Sign up for their newsletter you will recieve monthly coupons. Aside from the organic nuggets they have a wide variety of garlic-lovers products from oils to vinaigrette to those great nuggets.

As for the Salad:

I used a mixture of organic garden-fresh herbs & greens including mustard greens, radish tops, lettuce, chinese cabbage, oregano, chives, & parsley.  To it I added organic store-bought broccoli and tomatoes.

I then drained and washed a can of organic chick peas and tossed them in.

Cut an organic chicken breast (or tofu) into long strips.  Fry in organic olive oil with 1 tbs of organic onion flakes and 2 tbs of organic sesame seeds.  When cooked remove the pan from heat and add 2 tbs of organic mustard, 1 tbs of organic raw honey, 3 tbs organic olive oil and 3 tbs of organic white wine vinegar.  Mix this together with a fork and let cool...This will be the dressing.

Plate the salad and top with grated organic cheese.

When the chicken and dressing is cool pour over top then sprinkle generously with Garlic Gold in any flavor!


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