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How can a company make a lump of sesame seeds 
taste so good??!!

We were sent some samples of BumbleBars and we both agree.
BumbleBars are the bomb!

These USDA certified organic snacks are sesame-packed gluten-free, vegan, wonderfully chewy and uniquely flavored with organic nuts, fruits & spices.
Sesame seeds are a fantastic source of calcium and essential minerals and BumbleBar have found a way to make them great tasting too!

They remind me somewhat of Eat-More bars with their chewy caramel-y texture and lots of crunch!

They have 12 flavors to choose from. I was sent 5 flavors to try and I honestly find it difficult to pick a favorite as they are all super-yummy.

Amazing Almond: 

Cherry Chocolate:

Chai Almond:

Paradise Pineapple:

Harvest Hazelnut:

I think the Chocolate Cherry & the Paradise Pineapple do come out on top, well since I dove into them first :)

Zuki liked them all as well.

Not only are BubleBars great-tasting they are made by a great company who care a great deal about doing the right thing for people and the planet. Check out their mission.

Elizabeth (Liz) Ward, has a love for food and family, she wanted to develop an all-organic, gluten-free food that people could take out into the wilderness...And so was born the Bumble Bar!

BumbleBars are available at many retailers so ask you local grocer for these great snack. You can also order on-line both retail and wholesale and they have a toll-free number if you prefer to order by phone.

Thanks Liz for making such wonderful delicious snacks!


  1. I'm sure they're really tasty, the thing I don't get is why don't these snack food companies use actual honey in their products instead of modified vegetable syrups and cane sugar. The normal brand you see around at convenience stores and such generally have only two or three ingredients and I think it's something like sesame seeds and corn syrup, and maybe something else. Now granted that's probably monsanto franken-corn they're using... but why not honey?

    A neat little enterprise would be to have a greenhouse and grow sesame flowers and have a few hives out back and produce pure sesame and honey snacks...

    All this aside, I love sesame snacks regardless, so I'd definitely give the honey-less bumblebee brand snack a try, sounds yummy!

  2. @Creto I invite you to take a look at our story! BumbleBars are a Vegan product. They contain no animal products. Our bars are sweetened with organic brown rice syrup, organic agave and/or organic evaporated cane sugar. I appreciate your feedback and hope you will give BumbleBars a try!!

  3. Ok, makes sense, I didn't pick up on the fact that the bumble bars are a vegan product (hence the no honey added)

  4. I appreciate vegan snacks. I'm just wondering, why are they called 'bumblebars' and why the bumblebee on the package if you don't use honey?


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