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Safe & Smooth for Dad | Kimberly Parry Organics Review

Father's Day is just around the corner 
so it's great timing for the samples that were sent to me 
for review by Kimberly Parry Organics.

Well...To my hubby

Most men use personal care products on a daily basis.  Everything from shampoo, soaps, body wash, cologne, shaving cream can all contain toxins.  Men are no less susceptible to the harmful effects of personal care products than women and children.  Their skin absorbs the chemicals in these products and their bodies and health are affected.

Not to mention that the personal care products we use on ourselves affect those around us...

Kimberly Parry Organics sent me three product samples to review, I had intended on using them for myself but after smelling them, I wanted Zuki to give two of them a try.

All three products have fresh scents suitable for both men and women but in my opinion they have a tad more rugged manly scent.

The three products we tried were the Men's Shave, Pumpkin Cocoa Body Butter and the Bath Oil.

Let's start with the Men's Shave:

Kimberly Parry Men's Shave
Texture: Lightweight foam, soapy & lubricating
Scent: Light, fresh yet spicy
Price: $24.00 for full size 5.5oz

Ingredients: Herbal infusion (distilled water, comfrey root*, marshmallow root* and rosemary*), castile soap (organic saponified oils of olive & coconut)* , and the essential oils of cardamom* and fennel*.  *Organic

Update: The castile soap base is indeed organic.  Their website will be updated soon with the correct information.

Zuki in need of a shave:

Zuki wasn't sure if he was going to like this shave product.  He cuts himself terribly almost every time he shaves and this shave product is much more like a soap than a shave cream.

It pumps out very light and airy:

However, while it is not thick and creamy like most shave creams and soaps, it was slick and lubricating, must be from the organic marshmallow root.

A little goes a long way as he only needed one pump for the entire shave.  He really liked using this product and the lubricating and healing herbs in the Men's Shave gave him one of the smoothest shaves without any nicks or cuts - Yay!  And it smells fresh and clean.  The soothing and healing herbal infusion really did help with razor burn and redness - He got none at all using this shave soap.

He reluctantly tried the Organic Cocoa Pumpkin Body Butter because he never used any type of moisturizer before.  While I loved the spicy pumpkin-pie scent I felt it too was a more suitable men's product and convinced him to give it a try.  I would probably be more interested in using this myself on cold winter days as the scent is warm and spicy.

Kimberly Parry's Organic Cocoa Pumpkin Body Butter 
Texture: Thick & "balmy", very moisturizing - Only a tiny bit needed.
Scent: Light, warm & spicy
Price: $24.00 for full size 4oz

Ingredients: Sunflower oil*, pumpkin butter*, coconut oil*, beeswax*, and the essential oils of sweet orange*, cinnamon leaf*, sage*, and benzoin. *organic

After shaving I had Zuki rub a tiny amount of this into his face...

MMMM...He smelled yummy.  It's not too strong at all just a lightly scented, warm and spicy and oh so smooth.

Here he is with shave and spicy pumpkin butter completed.  He really does like these products, just this weekend he was looking forward to taking another shave with this line.

Lastly, I tried the bath oil.

Kimberly Parry's Organic Bath Oil
Texture: Light lubricating oil
Scent: Medium, cool minty fresh with a light citrus undertone
Price: $16.00 for full size 2oz

Ingredients: Safflower oil*, soybean oil*, sunflower oil*, and the essential oils of sweet orange*, peppermint*, and rosemary*. *Organic

This minty invigorating bath oil is definitely something dad can use as well... If your dad is not a bath man this would be great in a foot bath or could even be used in the shower on a washcloth.

I liked it and will be using this the entire summer for it's cool refreshing scent and it should help with keeping those pesky biting bugs away as both mint and orange oils help deter insects.

I think this is a great multi-use product for both men and women...I'm going to try adding just a drop of oil to my hat or shirt when I go  in the garden next time and see if it keep the bugs at bay.

Constructive Criticism:

The Men's shave should have organic castile soap as the base rather than natural castile, And they should list which oils were used to make the castile soap. Other than that, I feel these products are very well made with good organic ingredients.

Update: The castile soap base is indeed organic.  Their website will be updated soon with the correct information. - So no criticism for these products!


"All Kimberly Parry Organics products are made fresh to order - virtually unheard of in the beauty business. This line of uniquely fresh, alternative beauty and bath products provide you with a natural alternative to mass-produced, chemically -altered products. By drawing out the healing properties of herbs and flowers, all products are highly beneficial and nourishing, with scents straight from nature.

Kimberly Parry products are formulated without preservatives, dyes, chemicals, fillers, or animal ingredients...We never test on animals."

If you love fresh, light & spicy, herbal & minty scents this line is wonderful.

Order something special, unique and safe for Dad this father's day...Kimberly Parry Organics will help make dad healthy, smooth, fresh and kissable.

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