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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review & Swatches

I am so excited that there are more and more companies 
offering safer cosmetics.

After developing chemical sensitivities I went from girlie girl to frumpy farmer overnight and spent 11 years without any cosmetics.  I remember when I was first told by my doctor to stop wearing all make-up...EEEEKKK!  He wanted me to go outside naked?!!

For the first few weeks if I dear venture outside I would lurk around watching to see who could be looking at me feeling like a stark naked teenager in the mall...How foolish was I?  Then again I was in my early 20's.

Anyway, I've come to enjoy not feeling like I "have" to wear make-up.  I prefer the clean (naked) feeling my skin has being able to breathe.  However, it brings back some old joy to have a nice selection of safe cosmetics that I can wear if I choose to.  After all, every gal wants to have a little glitz and glamor at least once in a while.

Anyway, enough of my babbling...I was searching around the internet for a safe concealer, I do have some capillaries showing in my cheeks and I get the odd blemish once or twice a month  and it's usually a big bugger.

I didn't want a powdered or liquid concealer, I was looking for the cream (lipstick texture) concealer and it had to be safe of course.

I then discovered Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.  
She has created a line of completely natural, cosmetics and skincare, some with entirely organic ingredients.

I was given the wonderful opportunity of trying three of their fantastic products all packaged beautifully in a little organza bag:

The first product I tried is what I was looking for when I found her site:

Color: Light, neutral to pinkish undertone
Texture: Thick, creamy, smooth
Coverage: Medium to heavy coverage without looking cakey
Scent: Very little, mild scent of natural oils
Price: $12.00

I like this concealer, I prefer them in a stick format but this goes well with my skin tone, there is lots of product and it has full coverage and goes on smooth.  A little goes a long way.

The one thing I love about this concealer is it actually feels clean and soothing.  I am weary of putting anything on a blemish as I don't want a products to interfere with the healing process but with the herbs and oils added to this concealer, I think it will actually help with healing.

What I dislike is that while the concealer is all natural but is not entirely organic.  I would love to see this in a stick format and with the neem, eyebright and carrot oil to be organic.

 Here is a blemish on my hand

Here it is with the concealer in place (not entirely rubbed in to show the tone)
The coverage is very good.

Color: Very true to a berry color with pinky-plum tone and a medium amount of glitter.
Texture: Smooth not sticky
Scent: Very strong for a lipgloss but not bothersome, smells like natural berries (scent comes from organic food flavors, organic fruits & organic essential oils)
Price: $8.00

While I have read a lot of complaints about these twist brush applicators, I actually like them.  First off it takes about six twists (you will hear it click) and if you do this carefully and watch for the gloss rising up you won't overfill the brush.  Once the gloss reaches the brush it is then good for 2-3 applications before you need to just make one twist-click and you are loaded again for another few applications.

I think it is a nice applicator and it is slim enough to put in your pocket.

Everything that can be organic is organic except for the castor wax & the stevia.  I like the texture and while the scent is just a tad strong for me I do like the smell of berries.  It doesn't smell fake because it's not fake, the scent is entirely organic!

Winterberry in daylight

Winterberry in incandescent light

I love the texture of this gloss and it has a little more sparkle than most which is nice for special occasions and I'm sure young girls would love this!

It is the wrong shade for me, but this is entirely my fault as I am the one who picked it.  I will definitely try the Buff, Chocolate Mousse or Pixie in the future.  I think the Buff and Chocolate Mousse may have a more neutral/brown undertone which I tend to prefer.

The price is very reasonable!  Comparable fruity organic lip glosses are more than double that price!

And lastly I tried the Organic Facial Serum:
Texture: rich, moisturizing, dry oil
Scent: Almost none, extremely light citrus scent
Price: $20.00

100% of the ingredients are organic in this luxury serum.  It contains many powerful skin softening, healing and antioxidant rich oils such as Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Comfrey and Borage among others.

I haven't had the chance to use this long enough to notice any change in my skin so I will update at a later date any results.  

I found the best way to apply this is after freshly washing my face, while my skin is still damp rub just one pump in the palms of my hands then press lightly all over my face.  I like to do this before bed.

This is the first face serum I have found with this blend of entirely organic oils and the price is fantastic!  This will last a very long time, just 1 small pump a day is all you will need.

Constructive Criticism:

While Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques do not make any claims of being entirely organic, and some of their products do contain entirely organic ingredients, I always prefer entirely organic ingredients whenever possible...They could source more organic ingredients.
All of their ingredients are listed on this page of their website.

A great thing about this company is that even though their prices are already extremely reasonable, and by purchasing their products you are supporting organic ingredients and healthier products for yourself and the planet; they also donate 10% of your order to a charitable organization and they will even let you select your preference.

Be sure to visit their website and bookmark them in your safer cosmetics folder!

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