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Lulus Luscious Raw Organic Chocolate Review

I am trying my hand at eating more raw treats 

While I eat some raw foods I am by no means a raw foodie yet and in our climate with the lack of good quality organic fresh foods, I doubt I will ever eat 100% raw. I figure I would start with snack foods and look for the healthiest snacks with raw ingredients.

I recently came across Lulu's Chocolates and they looked gorgeous! I wanted to give them a try and am glad I had the opportunity to do so. I was attracted to the hot sexy packaging and most importantly the organic ingredients.

One very unique thing about their chocolates is that they contain coconut sugar which is lower on the glycemic index than many other sugars. I noticed a lot of healthy snack products contain agave syrup as the sweetener and for some strange reason agave just doesn't jive well with me. I don't react to it (or at least I don't think I do) but every time I have something with agave I just feel like I shouldn't eat it...This may be odd but I try and listen to this energy.

Anyway, the coconut sweetener in Lulu's Chocolate sounded fantastic and all of her handcrafted raw organic chocolates are also made with an extra special ingredient - Love!

When I picked up the mail I could actually smell how fragrant the chocolates were right through the packaging! Yummmm-eeeee. :)

The Love Pack would make a lovely gift as well as an every-day snack. I was also sent a raw organic body butter (OMG -I'll get to that later).

All of their chocolates are raw, vegan, certified organic, fair-trade, gluten-free and low-glycemic.

The sample pack sent to me contained 6 of their chocolate flavors.  Coconut Cin, Raw Love, Maca Green, Maca Love, Chcolate Maca Crunch & Aztec Crunch.  They now have a new flavor - Smoked Salted Almond and I just have to give that one a try too!

The bars are a dark-chocolate lovers treat.  I've honestly never tasted chocolate like it.  It's not bitter and had a very deep chocolate scent and flavor...Extremely rich.

While they are all delicious, the Coconut Cin is by far my favorite with a sweet fresh coconut crunch layered on top of the dark chocolate, and next is the Aztec Crunch with a crunchy and rich vanilla flavor (almost caramel-y) .  All the bars have a similar flavor because of the rich flavorful chocolate.

All the ingredients are fresh, pure and listed on this page of their website.

Lulu also sent me a sample of her decadent Luscious Body Butter.

The body butter contains only three ingredients all of which are organic and edible...Edible organic body butter - I have some newly-wed friends who could put this to some interesting uses - You know who you are ;)

The scent is fabulous and it is so creamy.  And it actually tastes even better.  Once I opened it I couldn't help but scoop some up and taste it.  Lulu should make tubs of this stuff.  I could eat it like a spread.  A great multi-use product that works great as a wonderfully moisturizing face, hand and body butter and you can even snack on it if you like - Just be careful others don't chase you down (Unless that's what you want ;) ) - This stuff is totally taste-able!

Lulu is offering her Love Pack with a free Smoked Salted almond bar for the month of June.  For only $22 you get all 7 flavors.  With all the summer weddings coming up, these would make a fantastic unique wedding gift for any of your gluten intolerant, vegan, organic foodie lovers or even for any conventional chocolate lovers.  And don't forget to try the Luscious Body Butter too!

Learn more about Lulu and her love for her chocolate creations and pick up some for yourself and as gifts for your friends through her website:

Yummy stuff!

*The company provided me with a free sample of this product to review, I was under no obligation to write a review nor was I paid for my opinion. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

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