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The Joys Of Summer | Bug Bites | Cellulitis

 It never fails that every summer I get numerous bug bites. 

The greenhouse is covered in baby spiders as about 6 nests hatched, and while I love having some spiders around I had to take to killing a few today so that I don't come out of the green house with them setting up house in my hair and even hanging from my eyelashes.

They are cute little buggers and do a great job as predators in the garden but my body just don't react well to bites. Not that I'm entirely blaming the spiders and some claim that the spiders we have here don't bite humans, but it's the only crawly thing I have found on me and these few odd bites I get each summer are much different than black fly or mosquito bites.  These tend to have two tiny holes which form a watery blister over top.

Regardless of what bites me, I react.  I either swell and itch terribly and they last for days, or I get cellulitis.  This is the second year now that I developed cellulitis from an insect bite.  This time on my wrist and it's not at all fun.

It's quite hot and painful and has a stiff bursting sort of feeling. I'm finding it difficult to maneuver my wrist...It actually don't look too bad in the photo.

I've been spraying it with colloidal silver and then coating it it natural iodine and it's starting to subside.  I do have antibiotics (Amox) on hand just in case but I think this one should heal on its own.

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