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Great Customer Service & More Cool Stuff at Hautelook

Quite a while back I ordered some products from Hautelook.  
I had some issues with the product so felt it was best to take it up with the manufacturer.  
After arsin' around with the manufacturer for quite some time 
with no results, I decided to let Hautelook know.  

I am amazed at their fantastic customer service, in less than 24 hours they resolved my issue without hassle and exceeded my expectations.

With their fantastic deals, great flat-rate shipping and fantastic customer service, I highly recommend purchasing through them.  They also offer stress-free returns:

Here are some neat deals they have going on right now:
(Remember these are flash sales and sell out fast!)

Core Bamboo

Organic bamboo makes it safe and durable

$10.00 $35.00

(available in many shapes & styles)

$12.00- $20.00 $55.00
(Variety of sizes & colors available)

$10.00 $35.00
Create your own outdoor dining experience

$42.00 $74.99

$39.50 $74.99

$54.00 $94.99

$24.00 $39.99

$94.00 $159.99

American Style

Tabletop accessories and decor for Summer

$16.00 $33.00

$16.00 $32.00

$5.00 $10.00

There are lots more deals at HauteLook today
Remember the shipping is flat-rate of $10.95 (which includes brokerage fees) 
so order as many items as you like.

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