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Make Your Own All Natural Paint | DIY Recipe

Completely non-toxic organic floral paintings 
I did a while back using organic food and earth pigments.  
(The simple recipe is below)

Prepare the Gum Arabic Base:
1/2 cup of organic gum arabic
1 Cup of boiling water
1 tbs organic glycerin
1 drop of clove oil or a few drops of colloidal silver (any type of preservative)

Pour the boiling water over the gum powder and stir rapidly with a fork until smooth.  Add the preservative and glycerin and stir again let sit 24 hours in the fridge.

Make The Paint:
To mix your colors, make small batches, have some clean small glass wide-mouth jars or tins on hand then in a mortar and pestle, grind together:

1/2 tsp of raw organic honey
5 tsp of the gum base
2 tsp of the pigment of your choice.

Grind by hand until very smooth.

Place in jars and refrigerate when not using.

For pigment you can use cosmetic grade mineral pigments or herb, fruit and vegetable powders.  Turmeric (Yellow), Cocoa powder (brown), Beet Powder (pink/red), Activated charcoal (for black), Spinach powder (green)....

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