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Your Best Organic Slug Remedy

6:30am and I'm scrambling to save 
what's left of the carnage in my vegetable plot. 

 I was so excited to see all my new organic beet and turnip seedlings breaking through the ground only to find a mere quarter of what had come up is now left and those baby's are still in danger of the destructive slug...They wiped out 3/4 of the seedlings in two nights!

What I have tried in the past and this year:

Copper - nope they crawl right over it.  I even unwound copper pot scrubbers to have a more "barbed wire" effect and it does not phase them to crawl right over it.

Onions - Supposedly deters, they ate all the chives and green onions too.

Garlic/Cayenne spray - I think it must just make them stronger.

Egg shells - I'm sure I saw them eating these too.  Fine ground and rough cracked - don't do a thing.

Diatomateous Earth - you guessed it - nope they don't give a damn.

Raised beds - Yea right.

Things that work a little:

Dog food/cat food - They love this stuff so it attracts them for an easy one splat kill but others still get the veggies.

Beer - same as above.

Manually squashing - works a little but is tedious and even one missed slug can wipe out an entire row of seedlings....Oh, leaving a pile of squished slugs also attracts other slugs...these buggers eat everything even the remains of their comrades.

I have done everything in combination and they are winning!

Am I missing something?

Please share your best organic slug remedies, aside from getting ducks I'm at a loss...

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