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DIY Wooden Chairs For Kids | Scrap Lumber Project

Small Steps

A couple of years ago I built a table and chair set for a friend’s two little girls. 
Well since then they had a little boy and the “Lil Guy” needed a chair. 

I poked around the shop to try and find the drawings for the set so that I could get some measurements. I found something that looked like kids chairs so off I went.

The previous set of chairs had a straight back, but this set I wanted a little rake. So I made this template from some scrap packaged pine.

I planed down some scrap spruce I 
had laying around to 1 ¼ for the front legs.

Here is the 2×6x8 for the back legs and a couple of 
pieces of 1×3 strapping for the aprons and back rails.

I milled the 2×6 to 1 ¼ and cut to rough length. 
Here I am marking out the back legs.

Rough cut on the ole bandsaw.

Getting ready with the template bit for final leg shaping

Cutting it Short:

8 front legs @ 11.5 inches
8 side aprons @ 9 inches
8 front aprons @ 8 inches
8 back rails @ 8 inches

I also made a jig for the DP so that I can drill holes to mount the back rails.

Next is sanding and assembly.

6000 Words:

Six pictures @ 1000 words each = 6000 words.

I just need to attach the seats, plug the holes and a final sanding.

Ready to use:

I attached the seats to the chairs.

Made oodles of plugs and popped them into the rear leg screw holes.

When the glue dried I flush cut the plugs, quickly sanded them flush and voila. Four little chairs.

Thanks for following.

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