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The Tea Room | Unique Organic Chocolate Review

I'm always looking for unique organic products.  
A while ago I did a blog post listing the companies I found who offer organic white chocolate.  One company was The Tea Room.

They craft unique artisan chocolate bars infused with specialty teas.  The mild smooth chocolate bars are individually boxed in vibrant colorful packages.

The collection is like a beautiful library of books and would definitely be one of those treats to have with a cup of tea and a good read on a lazy afternoon.

They sent me 6 of their organic flavors to try...Pina Colada (Milk), Jasmine (Milk), Mate & Cacao nibs (Dark), Mayan Pepper Chai (Dark), Green Earl Grey (Dark) & Raspberry Rooibos (Dark).

The remaining flavors they have available are, Bedouin's Mint Tea (Milk), Chamomile Tea & Honey (White), Black Masala Chai , (Milk), Honeybush Caramel Tea (Milk), Green Mate, Star Anis & Nibs (Extra Dark 72%)& Rich Arabica Espresso (Extra Dark 72%). And they also offer organic artisan tea infused truffles.

I've never been a huge lover of dark chocolate, most leave a bitter chalky feeling on your tongue.

These however, surprised me.  They are incredible smooth, not overly sweet yet not at all bitter or chalky!

My favorite is actually one of the dark ones - The Raspberry Rooibos.

Constructive Criticism:

The only thing I can say that I would change (Gotta add my critique for every product ;)) is that they use soy lecithin as an emulsifier, I would prefer something other than soy be used.

These bars would make a beautiful gift for any chocolate lover.  They offer a chart for pairing thier chocolate with wines.  The bars are USDA certified organic, the company is located in California and they ship throughout the US & Canada.

I think they would also make fabulous unique wedding favors for all the summer green weddings in the works.

They didn't take very long to get here all the way from California (A little over a week, I think) and they were packaged very well.

Definitely worth trying...Savor them and let the flavors melt on your tongue to positively enjoy these unique chocolates.

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