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Specialty Organic White Chocolate | The Chocolate Tree

Earlier this year I posted an extensive list of companies offering organic white chocolate.  One such company was 

Located in East Lothian and Edinburgh, The Chocolate Tree offers artisan chocolate made in small batches sourcing the finest organic ethical ingredients for their creations.

They offer a full line of beautiful chocolates and chocolate bars.  The bars have a handmade rugged appeal with a hefty sprinkling of fruit, nuts or spices.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of their bars to try from all the way across the water...What a special treat!

The 100g white chocolate and cranberry bar contains 29% cocoa mass and organic milk powder which makes it very creamy, it just melts in your mouth and the cranberries are
soft, chewy and very fresh.
It had a true white chocolate with a hint of vanilla tone, it's not at all caramel-y.

Constructive Criticism:
I did find the chocolate a tad sweet, however this is a bar for enjoying a small taste, savoring the flavors as it melts in your mouth.

The only other thing I can critique is their website and not about their product...I was unable to find the full list of ingredients on their website.  Listing the ingredients on their site would make it much easier for customers to make a choice.  The full ingredients are on the labels.  If you have any allergies you can email them prior to ordering for the ingredients.

Their chocolate is lovely...They also have a gorgeous assortment of artisan chocolates packaged in origami boxes, they accept Paypal and they ship internationally!

Definitely worth trying!

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