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Seed & Bean Organic Chocolate | Must Be On Your Bucket List

If you haven't had the opportunity to try 
Seed & Bean organic chocolate 
(they are currently only available in the UK, Guernsey and Sweden) and you love white chocolate like I do, their organic white chocolate with lemon and poppy seeds has to be on everyone's bucket list.  I have never ever tasted any chocolate so incredibly awesome and unique, it's pure delight all over my tongue.

Even if you are not a white chocolate or lemon fan, you still may adore this unique creamy and tangy blend of heavenly organic ingredients.

 I normally don't love lemon and my husband is not the biggest white chocolate fan but even he agrees that this bar is so unique that everyone must try it.

Upon tasting we were both sitting there with somewhat mystified looks on our faces...Both of us were wondering where we had tasted this dreamy flavor before...Lemon creams? Icecream? Cream cookies? Lemon meringue pie? Muffins? Something wonderfully sinful but we still can't place the exact flavor.

The bar is creamy with a hint of sweet tangy lemon and a tiny savory crunch. It has to be the most unique flavor I have had the pleasure of trying.

Seed & Bean Chocolate, a creative, sustainable chocolate company, came to life in rural Derbyshire where Stephen Rudkin spent much of his youth on their family farm. Having been attracted to an ecological and sustainable way of life in the 1980’s, he set up Natural Life an environmental home delivery service for organic and natural products.

He later set out to create a company that would provide a diverse mixture of organic, sometimes healthy, snacks for adults and children alike.

The Organic Seed and Bean Company has 12 delicious unique chocolate bar flavors, including extra dark, dark, milk & white chocolate.  They use only organic wholefood ingredients such as cream, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, lemon, lime, ginger and other unique ingredients all combined with very rich organic (and often -fair trade) chocolate.

They were also generous enough to send me two other flavors to try...

Their Cornish Cream Caramel in Rich Milk Chocolate is a sweet creamy chocolate with a caramel-y undertone.  It does not have a runny gooey caramel center.  It's a solid smooth milk chocolate with caramel notes.

The Coconut & Raspberry in Extra Dark bites back.  It's nippy dark chocolate uniquely mixed with the zing of crunchy dried raspberries is an exhilarating blend.

While both of us enjoyed the three flavors we both agree that while all of them are wonderful, the Lemon & Poppy Seed in Creamy White Chocolate has to be the best chocolate either of us has ever tasted.

It is unfortunate that they are not yet available in the US or Canada so if you know of any good natural food companies who would like to carry their delectable chocolates, pass their information along. I will be contacting a few Canadian distributers myself. I will post Seed & Beans contact information below. 

We both want to see this available in Canada so that we can purchase them for our regular special treats. Regardless, we are so glad that we had the opportunity to try what we feel is the most interesting and delectable white chocolate. 

You can contact Seed & Bean through their website or  Phone them at 0115 982 0606
Their email is info (at)

Organic Seed & Bean Company Limited
15, Nottingham South & Wilford, 
Wilford, Nottingham 
NG11 7EP

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