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DIY Planters On Casters | Recycled Shop Vac

It seems that every year we end up 
buying a new Shop Vac.  

Quite a waste of all that plastic but the motors don't last through the daily use of cleaning the coop, garage and loft.  We do clean the filters and try to take care of them but just past the warranty mark they just give up.

This coming summer I wanted to do more container gardening and have been looking for pots on casters to place on the deck.  They can run about $40 and up for a plastic planter pot on casters and well over $100 for a small clay pot on a caster base.

While cleaning out the garage I noticed two dead Shop Vacs taking up space, I was already using the bucket of a third one for an auto cleaning bucket and figured as much as I hate to do it we were going to have to throw the others out.  I then hit a eureka point when I envisioned them flowing over with herbs and flowers.

The Shop Vac stickers on the sides just peeled right off and in a few minutes Zuki drilled the drainage holes in the bottom.

I wiped them off and filled them with compost and soil and they are now ready for planting when the weather warms up.  I figure that this is a good deal.  $39.99 for a Shop Vac that lasts a year or so then a planter on casters for many years after.  I will post an update when they are filled with plants.

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