My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Certified Organic Exotic Fruit Butters

Biochemica a Florida based company, specializes in importing specialty exotic butters for the cosmetic industry.

They offer a line of USDA certified organic oils, butters and fruit butters which can be used as a whole product or as a base or addition to your creations.

I was intrigued by their certified organic fruit butters and was sent a sample for review.  Their certified organic fruit butters are available in four antioxidant rich blends.  Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry & Pomegranate.

These exotic fruit butters contain whole freeze-dried organic fruits which are mirconized into fine particles and blended with a mixture of organic oils & butters such as shea, palm and jojoba to form a thick base butter for your creations.

They sent a generous sample of the Blueberry, Cranberry & Pomegranate.  I will be trying these in some of my homemade preparations and will share my results in future blog posts.

The butters have a firm texture rather than a whipped one.  They do not have berry "extracts" so they do not have any scent beyond the natural scent of the oils and butters.

You can see the small flecks of organic berry powder in both the Blueberry & the Pomegranate.

If you need a more colorless berry butter the Cranberry shows as creamy white.

These fruit butters would make for some interesting creations, as a base for whipped butter, added to organic bar soap, whipped into a liquid soap, used in a lotion or just re-packaged as is.

For those creating their own organic cosmetic and skin care line, check out Biochemica!  They also offer organic formulations including body butters, butter balm, lip products and massage oil.

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