My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

DIY Make Your Own Simple Organic Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

All you need is one ingredient!
Organic oats.

If you can't use oats, some other soothing face cleanser bases are organic coconut, almond, flax seed, chia seed (chia and flax have a gel-like consistency when wet rather than a creamy one), sunflower seed powder, sesame seed.  Nuts & seeds will need to be ground to a fine flour in a coffee grinder (a blender will not work).  You can use any of these alone as a base or mix any combination of them together.

You can add other organic ingredients depending on your skin type, here are just a few common ingredients which have topical benefits to the skin:

Activated Charcoal (skin irritations, speeds the healing of wounds)
Aloe Powder (aloe releases natural salicylates, compounds related to aspirin, and relieves pain as it encourages healing)
Calendula Powder (promotes healing of skin tissue)
Carrot Powder (vitamin A, acne, eczema, reduces the appearance of wrinkles)
Cocoa (antioxidants, stimulating, improves collagen formation)
Coffee (reduces sun damage, balances ph, firms skin, reduces cellulite, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory)
Chickweed Powder (helps heal psoriasis, eczema and insect bites and stings)
Chamomile (lightening, healing, soothing)
Comfrey Leaf (healing)
Echinecea Powder(promotes healing, reduces inflammation, helps elasticity)
French Green Clay (absorbent, stimulating, tightens pores)
Holy Basil (anti-aging, strengthens collagen, diminishes wrinkles)
Lemon Peel Powder (astringent, lightening)
Matcha Green Tea Powder (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic)
Marshmallow Root Powder (emollient, lubricates and heals inflamed or irritated tissue)
Peppermint (tones, minimizes pores, soothes irritation, stimulates circulation and restores elasticity)
Rose Petals (pain & inflammation, hydrates the skin)
Rose Hip Powder (High in vitamin C & antioxidants, heals wounds, prevents wrinkles)
Rosemary (boosts circulation, restores elasticity,antibiotic, prevents acne)
Turmeric Powder (chronic skin conditions, infections, trauma and swellings)
Witch Hazel Powder (antibacterial & astringent)
White Oak Bark Powder (astringent, absorbs toxins and soothes inflamed tissues)

The material contained here is not intended in any way to replace proper medical supervision or advise. All decisions which may impact your health should be discussed with your physician.

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