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Awesome Foods Review | Healthy Raw Delicious Snacks!

Who ever thought snack foods could be this healthy? 
 I'm a bit of a potato chip junkie and have recently cut back to only eating them on special occasions, even though I only eat certified organic chips, they are still fried potatoes and not something you would want to eat regularly.

I have craving for a salty crunch, on my quest for a healthy potato chip alternative, I discovered dehydrated raw snacks. While I do enjoy cooking, I don't want to invest in a dehydrator yet and it takes a ton of fresh foods to get a small amount of finished product. While I do plan to do some of my own dehydrating again I would prefer to get a quick prepared snack with lots of variety (some fresh organic produce can be difficult to find here).

Raw dehydrated foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Cooking foods (especially like fried potato chips) kills many of these vital nutrients. Dehydrating at low heat (less than 118 degrees) leaves all of these nutrients in tact.

I started looking for raw snack companies who ship to Canada and I found one company with a huge variety of raw organic snacks...Awesome Foods. And awesome they are!

They have a large variety of raw organic snack foods, bars and even meals...I was delighted that they sent me an extremely generous package to try.

First of all I want to say, do not be surprised that the portions look small. If you have ever dehydrated foods you will know that once the water is removed what remains (all the flavor, fiber & nutrients) is reduced greatly. If you look at the cost of purchasing all of these organic fresh vegetables, herbs & spices, then the time it takes to prepare and slowly dehydrate them, it can get very time consuming and costly. 

Their prices are very reasonable taking all of this into account.

Also be sure to drink lots of good quality filtered water when eating dehydrated foods. You should replenish the water in your body that would have been in the food.

I have to start with my favorite...Vegetable Tempuraw...This stuff is amazing! 

Ingredients: Yams*, Zucchini*, Daikon*, Bell Peppers*, Onions*, Snow Peas*, Cashews*, Filtered Water, Fresh Lemon Juice*, Granulated Onion, Dill*, Parsley, Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper*. *ORGANIC

This yummy crunchy snack has a sour cream and herb flavor made from organic cashews and spices. I gobbled most of this one up the day it arrived. I normally hate yams any other way but I actually picked every one of them out and ate them all up. They are so good. The peppers are crunchy and add a little zesty sweetness. If you're going to try any one thing they offer, I highly recommend the Vegetable Tempuraw!

My next favorite are a definite replacement for sour cream and onion potato chips. I can't tell you how they managed to make dehydrated radishes taste like chips but they really do. Much like a thick cut sour cream and onion chip!

Ingredients: Daikon*, Cashews*, Filtered Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Dill*, Parsley, Granulated Onion, Black Pepper*, Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic.

Sour Cream & Onion Style Chips...Yummy!

Thirdly is the Raw Pizza Zucchini Chips...These are crispy little rounds of zucchini with a herbed pizza flavoring... Delicious!

Ingredients: Zucchini*, Extra Virgin Cold Processed Olive Oil*, Granulated Onion & Garlic*, Oregano*, Parsley, Thyme*, Basil*. *Organic.

Next are the very tasty organic tomato flax crackers. They are crunchy, with a fresh tomato flavor. Would go fantastic with a organic tomato soup!

Ingredients: Golden Flax Seeds*, Filtered Water, Tomato*, Red Pepper*, Red Onion*, Fresh Garlic, Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic.

The Cashew sticks are beautiful and would make a great interesting snack when having someone over for tea. These little nutty savory sticks are very filling:

Ingredients: Cashews*, Filtered Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Granulated Garlic*, Granulated Onion, Parsley, Dill*, Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper. *Organic.

They also have Raw "Breads". This olive and onion breads reminded me more of a pate and actually went well with the flax crackers. I'm new to raw breads so for me it does not resemble regular bread but is soft, damp and dense and very nice nonetheless.

Ingredients: Kalamata Olives*, Sunflower Seeds*, Flax Meal*, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Filtered Water,Sesame Seeds*, Himalayan Salt, Parsley. *Organic. 

Ingredients: Yellow Onions*, Sunflower Seeds*, Flax Meal*, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Filtered Water, Sesame Seeds*, Himalayan Salt, Parsley. *Organic. 

They also sent some soft chewy organic raw sweets...

Most of their products have a 4 month shelf life which is also awesome. Just be sure to store any dehydrated foods in a dry place or they may lose their crisp and it's best to eat any chips within a day or two after opening or they will get a bit chewy. I recently had some kale chips that lost their crisp so I just added them to a pot of soup and they added wonderful flavor to soup...I always find a use for organic food...Never waste anything.

Constructive Criticism:

They also sent some kale chips & crackers. Due to the price of organic kale increasing, the kale chips and crackers were not made with organic kale, I did not try these. I would be willing to pay more for organic kale and being that there are other companies supplying organic kale chips, I will skip these at Awesome Foods until they can supply organic ones again. Also a few of their products may have a few spices which are not organic...I truly believe that all ingredients should be organic and the prices could increase slightly if necessary.
Otherwise, I highly recommend anyone interested in raw healthy snacks to try their products! They ship in the USA and to Canada too!

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