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100% Pure Being Immature?

I have been a customer of 100% Pure since 2008.
 I have also been open about my concerns over their
dwindling quality and their Canadian prices.

They have been reducing their organic ingredients when other companies offering natural personal care products are moving forward in organics. Their defense just don't add up and they seem to dance around questions (I never received an additional response from them regarding my concerns)...They say that just because it's not certified organic don't mean it's not pure and they have been going on about how the supply of certified organic is low some farmers use citrus oil and therefore can't be organic even though it's safe. Sorry but this is bull...I'm really not trying to pick on anyone here but It's getting harder to trust this company.

If they are using so much product that the supply does not meet thier demand, then that buying power should enable them to work with farmers getting their organic certification. They can demand organic ingredients. I don't care what lines they are giving, but if it's not certified organic then there is no proof that it is organic.

I am now blocked from their Facebook page...Well they aught to send me the prize I won for entering their contest weeks ago. Anyway, there was a discussion about the Canadian prices, which I mentioned in a previous blog, and how the shipping costs so much more. They claim it's because they include all the duties and fees in the shipping price. I posted that if their products are made in the USA then there should be no duties. I have purchased their products from other US retail stores at a better price than from their site and even with having to pay shipping and fees from the US it was still more affordable for me to purchase it elsewhere.

Then I was blocked? For what, why would it matter where anyone purchases their products? Ultimately they are still selling product.

The more I get to know about this company they less I trust them. Which is sad because I do like some of their products.

Some reasons I have to rethink being a 100% Pure customer...

-Selling body wash to me with "organic saponified oils" only to get a body wash with coco betaine (not pure) then it took me a month to get a refund, only after I was "assured" by them that the chemical coco betaine was fine. Well it wasn't what was advertised and it wasn't what I bought and coco betaine is absolutely not fine for me and my sensitivities.

-Changing the ingredients in new products to be of lesser quality. How can non-organic ingredients, coco betaine and preservatives really be 100% pure? Even their sugar scrubs no longer have organic sugar. Surely there is no shortage of organic sugar...100% pure is no more.

-Telling people on their Facebook page that products are all pure and organic when they are not.

- Claiming they are free from any chemicals and preservatives yet some contain coco betaine, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate - These are chemicals.

-They are not even listed on EWG's Safe Cosmetics Database. Yet they have some story for this too.

-Claiming they pay the duties to Canadian customers. There should be no duties for US made products being shipped to Canada.

-Having several company names is also ambiguous (100% Pure, Purity Cosmetics and Velveteen Bunny for Patent applications).

I also don't think that any company should have the right to patent natural plant pigments as a method of coloring cosmetics or ones skin. This is an ancient ritual and should be the right of anyone who wants to make truly pure products.

-To block a paying customer from their page just seems immature. Is it because I speak honestly about my opinion on their products and won't accept their cloudy explanations?  After putting all of this together, it definitely makes me weary of their products...just what else are they not telling us? 

Many companies use chemicals and preservatives mixed with organic and natural ingredients, and I'm sure for many customers who do not require completely pure products this may be fine for them.  But what is not fine is any company who misleads customers to make them believe that a product is something that it's not unfortunately, this happens all to often.

So if you want to purchase from a company that offers decent products that have mostly natural ingredients but are reducing their quality regularly, and you don't care about organic then buy their stuff. 

If you do care, then be very careful to read their ingredients both on the website before every purchase and again on the product label once it arrives (As in my case the ingredients on the bottle were not the same as those listed on the site) and perhaps Canadian's would be better off to purchase from another store offering better shipping.

If you want trustworthy safe organic products from a company striving to better itself and has the customers best interest at heart, then my opinion is to look somewhere else. While I will continue to watch this company and see if things improve, for now I will continue to look for something better...But that's just my opinion.

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