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JoSa Naturally Organic Cotton Tights Review

I love, love, love these tights...
Did I say how much I love them? 

Flat Knit & Rib Knit Tights

 I have high expectations of products so I'm often disappointed, however I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually love these tights...Mom purchased them for me a year or more ago and they are so soft. I think they get softer with washing yet they hold their shape well. I am amazed with my super-duper sensitive skin that they did not irritate me at all...I actually use them under other pants to protect my legs from irritation.

They are made in Germany.

Also they do not run...I have a small hole in a pair that they originally sent me and it has stayed the same even with washing.

The customer service was great...They told me to keep the tights with the hole and sent along a new pair right away.

I just hand wash them in Dr. Bronners liquid baby mild and hang them on the towel rack to dry.

They now have organic cotton leggings and leg warmers too! Now I want those as well!  


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