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Holistic Practices Of The Royal Family

I haven't been following much of the hype 
about the Royal wedding. 

 With today being the big day it's all over the media and it got me thinking about the Royal Family and their commitment to organic foods and holistic practices.

The Royal wedding today is an organic affair.

Everything from the meal to the flowers and even the cake are made with seasonal and organically grown ingredients...

Now I wish I would have been invited.

Aside from Prince Charles' line of organic foods and herbal medicines called Duchy Originals, the grounds at Buckingham Palace has been maintained without synthetic pesticides and Queen Elizabeth has her own organic vegetable allotment on the grounds.

Prince Charles is against the use of genetic modification (GMO's):  

“Manipulating Nature is, at best, an uncertain business. If all the money invested in agriculture biotechnology over the last fifteen years had been invested in developing and disseminating genuinely sustainable techniques- those that work with, rather than against, the grain of Nature - we would have seen extraordinary, and genuinely sustainable, progress.” -Prince Charles

Holistic medicine and homeopathy is the preferred medicine choices by members of the Royal Family in England. The Queen's father George VI was a very firm convert to homeopathy, as was his father before him.

 Just a few thoughts.

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