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100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bra

It's one thing to have skin sensitivities to latex 
but for those of us who have sensitivities to spandex and other synthetic fibers it can be a nightmare looking for undergarments.

Over the years I came across a few organic cotton bras but most offered no support or still contained a percentage of spandex.  Luckily for me being petite I just went with tank tops and ditched the bra idea all together.  A few years ago one bra I came across was the 

Since that time my sensitivities have lessened and I am able to wear small amounts of spandex, but for other's not so lucky, this bra looks fantastic.

Women's Latex-Free Drawstring Bra With Upper Tie:

• Completely latex-free for sensitive skin 

• Purified natural cotton process

• Double-layered cotton lining
• Covered Seam prevents rubbing and agitation
• Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin
• Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin

FariesDance, an on-line store offering many unique eco-fashion options, now carry the 100% organic cotton drawstring bra.

Check out their blog and enter to win, also be sure to check out their on-line store as they have organic cotton stylish and unique apparel.

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