My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Swimming Through The Sludge Of Greenwashing

It seems I am on a never-ending quest 
for truly safe, organic products

Drowning in the heavy sea of greenwashed marketing sludge...  "organic, "natural", "inspired by nature", "green", "eco-friendly"...What does all of this mean?

I'm actually quite fine with companies who manufacture their toxic products with full transparency or even those who admittedly will not disclose their "trade-secret" ingredients.  These companies can easily be filtered out and tossed aside.

But for consumers who truly want to do their best to use organic products, having to wade through the sludge of green marketing crap to try and find products which are completely safe seems endless...Who has the time for that?

Nothing makes me more furious than watching honest busy people who are being fooled into the never ending miss-greening of products.  I know that these are the people who want the best products and who are trying to support healthy organic choices only to be caught up in the crap-trap of green-marketing.

Companies know what you want, they know the world is demanding greener products so do they invest in better products?  Maybe some do, but many spend their money sitting around board room tables conjuring up ways to make you believe their products are what you expect them to be.

I think of myself as somewhat of a personal care critic.  I sometimes feel like I am drowning, paddling my way through company after company only to find I'm getting deeper and deeper into the green-washing sludge.

Recently, I discovered a company which I was willing to try because their products were almost organic and seemed to be the best line with fruit flavors.  I am so saddened by how this company is deteriorating now that it has it's customers hooked.   In the past year they have been reducing and removing the organic ingredients for conventionally grown contaminated ones. 

I decided to boost my quest for the perfect line of personal care products which perform and are entirely safe.  After sifting through literally hundreds of "green", "organic" and "natural" product lines, I have yet to find the perfect complete line of products which perform and are entirely organic.

Companies who add one or two organic ingredients to a bunch of synthetic ones are doing it just so that they can make claims such as "contains" organic ingredients...And they do, but they can also "contain" bad ingredients too.  Sort of like getting a nice organic fruit salad and topping it of with a good helping of nitrate laden bacon, fries, cheese and maybe even a shot of gasoline...What would be the point of eating it?

Our skin soaks in everything we put on it.  If you won't eat it then don't wear it.

Don't be fooled by marketing...Surely you are smarter than that.

Here is what you can do to make sure you are not being fooled by the big green marketing monster:

Worst marketing lines These are industry pick-up strategies...(Have a vision of a slimy creep trying to pick you up at the cosmetic counter...with a wink and a nod...)

"Inspired by nature" - Inspiration?  I could be inspired by a song; it doesn't mean I can sing...What sort of line is that?

"Eco-friendly"  - What about people friendly?

"Made from" natural ingredients & "Derived from" natural ingredients (Many toxic ingredients are "derived from" coconut oil - watch out for this one.)

Breast Cancer support - does not mean their products don't cause cancer. (Pink-washing at it's finest, Makes me feel like I need some of that stomach remedy)

Pictures of cute animals, fresh airy sunny days, dew-drops on leaves - Can anyone say photo-shop?

Companies who support other causes - While that is nice and all, they should support their customers first.  They know you have a heart and it makes them look good to you if they donate to animals, babies, saving the forests yadda yadda...Their products could still make you sick.

Organic claims - This means nothing in the personal care industry unless they can prove that every ingredient is certified organic.

Don't judge a book by it's cover...Many companies with pretty and green packaging do not necessarily have good ingredients

I could go on and on but the bottom line is this:

Do your own research.

Avoid trade secrets like the plague...likely they are almost as bad.  If a company don't trust you enough to tell you what's in their products...Don't trust them, they don't deserve your money or trust.

If a company don't list every ingredient for it's products...Don't buy it. Don't be fooled by "active" ingredients...You want complete ingredients, and make sure the company offers you a complete ingredient list.

Read all the ingredients.

Be sure all of the ingredients that can be certified organic are indeed certified organic (check for a * indicating organic certification each and every ingredient)

Don't take any ones word for it...Not the company owner, not a friend, not even me.  Check for yourself.

I will continue my tiring quest for the safest products and post them here for those interested ..

If you know of a product, product line or are a company who has a line of products which are all organic please feel free to contact me I will gladly review the ingredients.  If you have products which meet the requirements I feel people deserve, I will gladly review samples.

colorfulcanary (at) gmail (dot) com

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