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DIY Wooden Pillar Vase | Scrap Lumber Project

A few years back DW said that her mother was looking for a vase to put some tall dried flowers. 

 It had to be 22” – 24” high and 6”-8” square. 
 MIL could not find one any where so DW asked me to make one from scraps.

I scanned the shop and found the following:
- 10 piece of ¼ pine panelling
- some 1×4 band sawed pine
- a quantity of short 1×4 D4S pine
- some ¾ poplar

The only plans I had are the ones in my head. It gonna be one of those projects that you build as you go. I like those types when they are not all that complicated.

Here are the majority of the scraps:

Here is the pine paneling. I cut them to 22 ¾. Why 22 ¾ . . . the shortest was 22 5/8 and I wanted to square them all up.

Band sawn pine prior to planing.

I finally put my miter saw on the Bosch TS stand that I picked up for a song. 
 Its super maneuverable.

I mitered the pine paneling. I hope the TS is accurate.

Pile of scraps getting smaller.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and 5 degrees. A great day for in the shop.

I ripped the band sawn pine into 1 5/8 strips to use as the vase base. I wanted mitered corners so I broke out the miter saw, set the angle to 45, set up a stop block and started cutting. When I had them cut I laid them together on the bench . . . the angle was not 45 . . . it was less and it left me with a fair gap in one corner. I was not impressed.

At that point in time DW needed some crushed stone and topsoil moved. The physical exercise calmed my nerves.

When I went back I did some fooling around with the saw and got it cutting on 45s. I managed to save the first pieces by using them for the top of the base plate.

After using my Kreg to hold the “frames” together I popped a 45 ¼ bit in the router and took a bit off each frame. I then screwed the frames together to make the base.

I then attached some poplar to the base so that I could attach the sides of the vase.

A test fit of 2 sides

That morning DW told me that she was heading to her mother’s around noon. So I had a deadline for my most recent client.

Two sides attached.

View of the inside. When I got to this point I though . . . “I wonder if those arrows will show when I’m finished.”

This is the top made from a piece of 1×4 D4S pine. It was ripped, a groove cut along the inside edge for it to fit over the top and a 45 on the outside edge to make it match the base(s).

It was at this point in time that DW poked her head in the shop. She started rooting around in my scrap\cut-off bin and found and found a length of beading that I made several years ago. She thought it would look nice along the bottom.

Here are various pics of the finished product. DW has a much better eye than I do when it comes to pictures so she dragged the vase outside.

Unfortunately you can see the arrows . . . however when it is full of dried flowers they will be invisible. The MIL is going to stain it to match her other furniture.

It was a fun little project that cost me nothing as it was made from scraps. The MIL called and thanked me and said it was nice and it was what she was looking for.

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