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100% Pure Product Review | Eye Cream Lip Products Concealer & Mascara

100% Pure Organic Cosmetics Review

The items in the review:

Peach body cream (pump) bought at 100% Pure last year.

100% Pure Strawberry Lip Butter -$13
100% Pure Creamstick Lip Pencil in Naked Mauve -$15
100% Pure Dual-ended Lip Gloss in Nude -$16
100% Pure Lip Glaze in Sultry -$15
100% Pure Concealer in White Peach -$10.40
100% Pure Mini Mascara Black -$12
100% Pure Coffee Eye Cream -$18

I thought I had ordered the Pomegranate Wine Lip Butter and I'm not quite sure what happened...Kim at Chocolate Lotus has agreed to fix the situation with the wrong color Mascara...Their customer service is great. Oh and Kim has informed me that they carry the entire line of 100% Pure products (except some of the gift sets)...So if there's something you want to get and you don't see it on the Chocolate Lotus site, please let them know.  They will get back to you very fast.

Here is the Contact info:

Kim Snow
Chocolate Lotus Inc.
(813) 956-3449

I have super sensitive skin and I get hives and weird reactions to many products. It's been 12 years since I used anything on my skin other than organic olive oil, organic coconut oil & Dr. Broners baby mild products...I feel like a teenager being able to try all these products again...So far no reactions to the scent or to having the products on my hands...And the body cream makes my legs smooth without any reactions. It's odd for me to have items with a nice fragrance and seemed a little overwhelming at first but since the fragrances are all food based I didn't react so far.

For those with extreme sensitivities be sure to alway read ingredients before purchasing a product, don't assume the same product will have the same ingredients the next time you purchase it...Check it each time you order.  So far I have had no reactions to the Peach and Strawberry Lemonade (Pump - original formula) 100% pure nourishing body creams, I also tried the Coffee eye cream last night and had no reactions.

I also wrote an extensive review on 100% Pure ingredients...Check it out, but remember that the ingredients may change...I'll try to keep it up-to date.

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