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Winter Sowing | Sowing Seeds In The Snow

Last year I photographed and blogged my winter sowing
we had the same freezing rain weather this weekend and it reminded me to re-post my old blog here on Colorful Canary as it is time to winter sow again.

For those of you who are just getting into gardening, winter sowing is a fun way to get things started in the garden during the "winter blas" when you are just looking out at all the white stuff longing to get into the garden.

Only certain seeds can be sown this way so be sure to read the package. Seeds which require a cold stratification period are perfect for winter sowing. Rather than putting them in pots in your refrigerator you can try this.

I like to use old bottles which can not be recycled here. These large water bottles work perfect.

I began by partially cutting around the top of 21 water jugs so that the tops are “hinged” by one side.

I shoveled the snow off the “mound” of topsoil in the backyard and DH picked the icy top off last night to reveal some nice soil. This hole is actually the top of quite a large mound of soil…That’s how high the snow is in our garden!

I 1/3 filled each water Jug with soil and chose 21 seed varieties from my “cold” section of my seed collection. I have all my seeds sorted by stratification method and then in alphabetical order..LOL…I know I’m a little anal about these things :)

I then made 21 labels and put them in baggies for waterproofing and made 21 seed tapes. Seed tapes can be made by "unlayering" double ply toilet paper then laying the seeds in place on one piece then gluing the other piece back on top with homemade gelatin or flour glue.

I then filled the containers with soil, placed the seed tape on top then covered the tapes with a little extra soil to keep them in place. I inserted the labels up inside the handle.

It was teaming down Icy rain today so needless to say I got quite muddy.
But it was fun to garden in the winter…Now Laundry…Not so fun.

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