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Remembering Chicklet | Rest In Peace | Pet Chicken

We lost Chicklet this evening - DH's favorite Roo
Chicklet was an odd little bird from the time he was just three days old. He was always skittish and would stand on his tiny chicken toes and cry "Weeeeee, Weeeeee..."all night long.

He was literally afraid of his own tail feathers...

But the one thing he loved, besides food, was spending time in the shop with Zuki.

He went fast and had no signs of illness, he enjoyed an organic pear this morning and did a little scuffle at one of his brother roos this evening, as he always did, just seconds before he died.

Chicklet would have been 6 years old next month.

Here is a video Zuki did last year for a contest featuring Chicklet the crazy shop roo.

RIP chicklet. :(

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