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An Indoor Excursion | Pet Chickens In The House

I was out in the loft just chattin' with the chickies and I noticed just how beautiful MC still is. 

 MC is one of our oldest chickens and will be 7 years old in March.

When we got our first 3 chickens we decided not to name them but it was hard to reference them so we called them by color; MC is short for Multi-Colored.

She is a beautiful black star who has always had a bit of a challenge with her vision but it does not seem to bother her. She is a very calm girl and although she is a black star, I think she has a bit of a frizzle gene in her as several of her feathers curl back making her look extra big and fluffy.

I decided to take her into our house to take some photographs but she was not very pleased with the excursion and wanted to get back to her sister immediately. I managed to get two bad shots of her but wanted to post them anyway...

Isn't she a beauty...

Here she is 6 years ago when she wasn't quite a year old:

I got her from a farmer and their beaks were already cut...poor girlies.

Okay, Now I'm looking through older photos and need to blog so many of them...This is a basket of eggs when all of our hens were alive and laying:

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