Handmade Organic Cotton & Vintage Crocheted Lace Gown | From An Old Bed Sheet

Here is  a sneak peek of a project I am working on...

I have it all pinned but don't have the time to hand sew it or iron it yet and I intend on beading the bodice and train edges with some glass beads.  It is made entirely from organic cotton and a vintage 100% cotton crocheted table runner...I love this dress and think it would be fabulous for a summer wedding...


  1. You have inspired me! I love this and I have tons of vintage clothes and fabric to try to repurpose. Love to sew too.

  2. Oh how lucky to have lots of stuff to play with. Have fun and feel free to post a link to anything you make, I'd love to see more ideas for re-purposing old clothes. I still haven't had a chance to finish the dress and because I hand sew everything, I think I'll wait until the gardening season is over so that I can put the time into it.

  3. Beautiful dress! And I love your bathroom too :)


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