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I've had many requests for a tour of my home.  

Built in 2004, since that time, many more options for healthy home products have become available, however we built this one on a budget and battling the ignorance in the building supply industry for safe home products at that time.

Some features of our home from the ground up are:

*Concrete foundation was a special mix of cement without any anti-freeze or quick dry agents added.

*The foundation was formed using new forms without the use of any toxic release agents which could possibly seep into the concrete.

*No toxic damp-proofing was used.  A non-toxic damp-proofing is now available through AFM safecoat.

*The basement was designed to have a second full bathroom and and exterior entry.  The basement exterior entry can be a safe spot for those to enter, shower and change as to not contaminate the rest of the home with any voc's picked up on clothing from other places.

*The basement ceiling was insulated with bubble foil.

*All the plumbing in the house is copper.  There are safe alternatives to PVC pipe aside from copper today, but at that time these were the only two options available to me.  The copper was installed with lead-free soldier.

*We used uninsulated metal duct-work and a Venmar HRV unit.

*The only somewhat healthy insulation available to us at the time was NL Styro EPS.  However there are numerous safer insulations available now which are easier to install and more cost efficient.

*We sealed in the insulation with 6mil poly and tuck tape on the seams rather than toxic acoustical sealant.  Again, non-toxic acoustical sealants are available now.

*The house was framed entirely with T&G spruce, no plywood or aspenite was used.

*100% pure silicone caulk with acidic acid solvent was used only where necessary.

*Light fixtures and the hot water boiler were chosen to be free from fiberglass insulation which can emit formaldehyde.

*Interior doors were sealed and painted with zero voc paint.

*The kitchen cabinets were crafted from kiln dried solid pine finished with zero voc paint.  To avoid toxins in counter tops a solid slab of landscaping stone was used.

*All interior wall surfaces are solid unfinished wood nailed on without glue.

*Water is from a 300' deep artesian well.

*Electric baseboard heat. We are looking at alternative energy to install this year.

*All of the furniture was either older and out-gassed, sealed with zero voc paint, or newly built from solid wood (Poplar (aspen) is our wood of choice now).

*Bedding, clothing and fabrics in the house is of natural fiber.

*Our home only has three cleaners used inside...Dr. Bronner's, baking soda & vinegar. Aside from this we use silver cleaning cloths.
    Here are some rough initial drawings of the layout of my design:

    CLICK HERE for the 


    This House plan design is the intellectual property of Judie Squires (c) 2003 And must not be copied or modified in any way without written permission from Judie Squires.Learn more about Architectural Copyright laws

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