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Snowy Night & Plowing the Driveway | Suzuki Plowing Snow | Ice Bike

I tried to go for a walk tonight and it's raining down some freezing slush, 'Nuf to skin the face right off ya

 By the time I got back from the mail my eyebrows weighed about 12 ounces each and my eyebalsl were froze into me skull... :D

It was much prettier this past weekend when we had lots of soft snow, but it quickly got wet and heavy so Zuki had to get out the plow and attach it to his '99 Suzuki for the first time and plow out the driveway.

Here are a few pics of our property covered in a little dusting of white stuff:

Plowing the driveway with the old Suzuki:

Oh and Zuki has a mountain bike with studded tires, he's been 
enjoying some winter rides on the Ice Bike:

Juncos flitting around:

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