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HH Womens Snow Cutter Boots Review

I was so excited to get these boots for the winter. 

 I was looking for a fitted, tall, warm and waterproof winter boot with a good hiking sneaker style sole that was still somewhat fashionable. Helly Hansen is known for high quality outerwear.

I ordered them in though Arther James, these guys/gals are the most helpful and friendly staff I have ever met and they will go out of their way to find what you need. Even if you order a product which is not in stock, you can still return it to the store without hassle.

When I picked up my boots I was pleasantly surprised that they even ordered an extra pair in a size 8 just in case 7.5 did not fit. These boots are true to size and the 7.5 fit perfectly. I was also very pleased with the color. Now, for those of you who want a brown color boot you will be disappointed with the Espresso/Incense as the actual color is more of an army green as are the laces. For me it was great as it was an exact match to my North Face K Jacket & Go-Go Cargo's in the color New Taupe Green.

The boots do not have a side zip and although it makes for an easier access/exit I prefer it didn't have any additional areas which can leak. The laces allow for a nice snug fit. The boots are lightweight, beautiful and have a nice sticky rubber bottom.

It almost killed me to return these boots but I had to because comfort is my number 1 priority and these boots had one little stupid flaw. The tongue only has about a 1" gusset which ends above the ankle causing a bunched up piece of fabric to rub the ankle when bending or walking. For waterproofing and comfort they should have extended the gusset at least half way up the tongue. I really wanted to keep these so please Helly Hanson fix this issue and re-launch the boots.

For now I'm back to searching for the perfect pair of tall, fitted, fashionable, 100% waterproof, warm winter boots with a good flat sticky hiking sole...any ideas?

Next on my list:
(I already own Keen Targhee II and they are waterproof and pretty comfortable)
Tried Timberland Earthkeepers & they leaked at the tongue.


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