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Clothing Remake | 3 Old Sweaters = A Dress, A Scarf & Leg Warmers

I decided to re-purpose some old clothes, 
I keep everything because much of it is 100% cotton, organic cotton and cologrown cotton so it would be a crime to waste the good fabric.

The treadle is not ready for use yet so all of this was done by hand.

All I used was:

A pair of scissors
a darning needle
a small needle
some glass beads

I've been dying to have some organic cotton leg warmers but have not been able to find them. Would you believe that in less than 10 minutes I made these cozy leg warmers with nothing but a pair of scissors.

I can wear them over the knees or folded down...I love them.

My old organic cotton sweater got hitched in the neck and was unraveling. All I did was removed the arms at the seams being careful to only cut the yarn which attaches the arms to the body and voila! Leg warmers.

I had purchased two of these sweaters but I am not fond of shorter sweaters so I took the body of the one that I removed the arms from and stitched it to the bottom of my other sweater then added some seed beads to the bottom and now I have a nice two tone dress that matches my leggings:

And lastly, another old sweater was easily turned into a mini skirt to wear with leggings and a matching scarf. I simply removed the arms, unraveled them a little and tied them off then used the ribbed bottom band of the sweater as the waist for the skirt by flipping it upside down then I darned the bottom shut with threads unraveled from the remainder of the sweater and added a few beads.

It didn't take long, no special machines or skills needed and turned out great! 
If you have any questions or want further instructions just leave a post below.

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