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Eggcellent Window Insulation | What To Do With Egg Cartons

I am so excited about this...Okay, Okaaay,  I'm a genius...

I love something that is free, saves money and looks good.

We have been cutting our power consumption lately as we prepare to get a wind generator for both emergency back-up and power reduction.  Heat loss in winter is a big issue here and while I'm not into sealing houses air-tight for healthy building reasons (that's another blog) we have been looking for other ways to reduce our heat loss.  Installing gaskets around outlets on exterior walls, insulating the basement, better weatherstripping on the doors, and those sorts of things are in our plans.

Zuki keeps telling me to get curtains as a lot of heat loss goes out the window.  You can feel the cold on the glass.  I don't like curtains or blinds and what's the point of dishing out about $75 - $180 per window for something I'll always have opened.  Our windows are south facing and we enjoy a lot of warmth and light from our curtain-less windows.

I started looking at alternatives and the best I could find was some cotton/poly blend honeycomb shades.  But $200+ per window was crazy and still you don't get the full sunshine through even the most translucent ones available.

I was out in the garage feeding the chickens when I noticed our huge stack of polyethylene plastic egg cartons.  I have some use for them for starting seeds but would never get through the hundreds we have out there.  They were stacked up by the window and I noticed how well the sun shines through them....hmmm

The honeycomb blinds insulates windows by trapping air in their hollow comb centers.  Egg cartons have a hollow honey comb-like center...hmmmm

I took them inside and tore off the lid leaving me with the two sided carton.  I placed them against the window and they looked pretty cool, sorta like glass block.

Inside at night
Outside at night
 Sun Shining through in morning


You can overlap the segments so that they fit pretty much any size window.  I played around with them a bit to get a perfect fit then laid them out on the floor and simply taped them together using clear tape.  They held in place behind the window screens perfectly.  If you don't have window screens and want to try this you will need to find a way to secure them, two sided tape may work fine.

I wish I had a thermometer but trust me you have to try this yourself, it's really warm.  I would guess with the sun shining in it was as warm as an electric heater set at 15C.... I wonder what the R-Value would be?  We actually stapled the cardboard egg cartons to reduce sound and add insulation to the inside of our roosters coop a few years ago.  I don't know why I didn't think of these clear cartons on the windows sooner.

They are easy to remove and can be reused each winter.  I am going to play around with them some more and see if I can come up with some sort of curtain design maybe by sewing them together with fishing line.

Uber cool...or warm...:D

Let me know if you try this or if you have any other uses for these plastic cartons.


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