Earthbag Building Plans

I came across this great instructables 
on how to make this gorgeous earthbag house.

Owen Geiger show you step-by-step how to build this cute little place for just over $2000

Check it out!


  1. I would like to share something with you. It might be beneficial to you or others. In South Africa a group of Muslims intend to establish an Islamic Village (the village is not strictly for Muslims though). They intend using the earth-bag building aswell.
    I managed to get these semi earth-friendly concepts from them on paper
    The Integrated Biogas Agro-Ecological Farming Revolution- this is an 11pager PDF
    Dream Farm II – A Proposal - This is an 18 pager PDF. There are some other basic images of floor plans and the building of the earth-bag house. I am not sure how to send it to you except via email- only if it interests´ you ofcourse....Duallight


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